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Customized Programs

As any of our programs can be customized to meet the unique needs of your organization. Cornell will craft an educational program that incorporates the actual issues, contracts and challenges faced by your organization. The programs include multiple opportunities to practice learned skills through group exercises, case studies and simulations.

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Collective Bargaining Immersion

Contract Administration Immersion

Labour and Employee Relations for Managers

Advanced Arbitration Advocacy

Labour Management Cooperation

Toronto, Ontario

Collective Bargaining and Contract Administration Training

If you are preparing for or supporting bargaining, want to improve your negotiation skills and knowledge, administering a collective bargaining agreement, or have new members on your labour relations or operations team, then your organization needs the Canadian Labour Relations Training program as part of your education plan.

Cornell University’s ILR School, in association with Oakbridges Labour Relations Strategist Inc., is now offering specialized training in collective bargaining training and contract administration in Toronto; customized programs specifically designed for and delivered at your organization.

For more information regarding Customized Programs, please contact Dan McCray at

These programs will help you:

  • Develop skills to increase Labour Relations impact within your management team.
  • Manage your relationships with unions to drive better results.
  • Improve your employee relations climate to drive productivity and cost reduction.
  • Utilize processes such as discipline, grievances and arbitration to change and improve culture.
  • Transition from a reactive to a proactive organization.
  • Provide bargaining team members with skills, knowledge and tools to fully prepare for collective bargaining

Cornell's School of Industrial and Labor Relations is a world renowned and valued resource for education and assistance in the labour relations field and these programs are led by some of today's most qualified and well-respected Canadian and U.S. labour relations practitioners, neutrals and attorneys, who excel at creating skills and capacity in your organization that you will use for years to come.

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Cornell ILR Contact Information:
Dan McCray
Director, Labor Relations Programs
Scheinman Institute on
Conflict Resolution
Human Capital Development

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Canadian Partner Contact Information:
Sue Mackintosh
Chief Strategist and
Managing Director
Oakbridges Labour Relations Strategists Inc.