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Photocopying and Printing

Cornell University Library Resources

Printing services are available to registered and non-registered users at Catherwood LibraryThe CUL Library Gateway provides a listing of available resources by library under Technical Support, "Finding hardware, software..." The list includes: printing, photocopying, microform equipment, networking, computers, peripheral equipment, obsolete computer hardware, special support software, calculators, DVDs, and more. This is especially useful for patrons who are looking for scanners, to borrow a laptop, or who need color printing.

Cornell Information Technologies provides a list of software available in the CIT Computing Labs.

There is a public scanner available in the ILR Student Computer Lab (1st Floor) and a public fax machine available at the Cornell Postmarket in the ILR Research Building.

Photocopying Facilities at Catherwood

Catherwood Library has both coin and vendacard operated photocopy machines for public use.  Public photocopiers and microfilm readers are located in a room just to the left of the circulation desk (2nd floor). A photocopier is also available in the current periodicals room (1st floor).

Vendacard dispensers, located near the copiers, accept coins and bills of $1 and $5 denominations. Vendacards are issued and maintained by Eastern Copy Products. Library staff cannot issue refunds. All problems and refunds requests should be directed to:

Eastern Copy Products
279 Clark Hall, M-F, 11:00 - 1:00

Printing at Catherwood

The public computers in Catherwood are connected to printers that can be used with Net-Print, which is a laser printing service offered by Cornell Information Technologies. To learn more visit their Net-Print website.

We have five printers available, three black and white, one color, and one vendacard operated printer. All printers are located in the reference and library training rooms.

  • The color printer costs 25 cents per page. Choose "Catherwood Ref NetPrint Color".
  • Double-sided (duplex) printing is available on the black and white printers. Double-sided printouts are 9 cents per side; therefore two pages printed on one sheet of paper results in a Net-Print charge of 18 cents.

Microforms at Catherwood

The Microforms Room is located off the Reference Room. Take the first left turn as you enter Reference from the Circulation Area. Here you will find microfilm and microfiche reader/printers, a microform scanner, and Catherwood's microfilm and microfiche collections. Kheel Center microforms must be requested in the Kheel Center.


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