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Selection Criteria

News items in Workplace Issues Today meet the following selection criteria:

  • Each was selected as a key issue of the day by the editors of the publications or broadcast media in which it appears. There may be other workplace news items in the source that day. However, only the editor-selected key issues that draw the attention of the public to the publication are included in Workplace Issues Today. The staff of the Catherwood Library writes the abstracts. The cited or referenced headline is the wording of the publication’s editor as it appears in each publication’s online version. In some instances, this headline may differ from the print version. Only the name of the publication, the headline, and the date are listed. Online sources rarely include pagination.
  • The items selected must appear in the online version of the publication or media source. The paper or broadcast versions are not consulted.
  • The items will mostly appear in one of the following major sources: British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), Chicago Tribune, Christian Science Monitor, CNN Financial Network, CNN Transcripts, Dallas Morning News, Financial Times (London), International Herald Tribune, Los Angeles Times, National Public Radio (NPR), New York Times, USA Today, Washington Post.
    • This list of publications is intended to best represent how and where public policy, with regard to workplace issues, is being presented to the public in the English language.
    • National, regional, and international representation of workplace issues is the focus.
    • Listed sources must be freely available in electronic, full-text format to the faculty, students, and staff of the School of Industrial and Labor Relations at Cornell University. Some online newspapers now require free registration for access.

Note: Weekends and Cornell University holidays are excluded from coverage.