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Daily News for Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Selected by the Catherwood Library Reference Staff each Monday through Friday, excluding University holidays, WIT is a free alert service, providing abstracts and links to workplace-related news stories covered in the major media. Subscribe to WIT »

Established in 1999, this service also includes a searchable archive.

Cinema Staff in Brighton, England Demand Higher Wages

Currently staff at the Ritzy Cinema in Brighton, England only receives a starting salary of £7.73 an hour. The staff is demanding that their wage be increased to £8.80 an hour. The cinema has responded by saying they could increase wages but that would be followed by job cuts. The staff and employers are currently negotiating possible solutions.

See “Ritzy Cinema Staff to Vote on Strike Action Over Wage Offer,” BBC News Online, Oct 29 2014 (SEB)

No End in Sight for Teachers’ Strike in Waukegan

The Waukegan Teachers’ strike began on October 2nd and as a result, schools in that district have had to cancel 17 days of school. The community has reached out to students from low-income homes that often depend on the provided school lunches. The teachers and School Board continue to participate in ongoing negotiations, but so far no agreement has been reached.

See “Weariness Grows in Waukegan Amid Teacher Strike,” by John Keilman, Chicago Tribune, Oct 29 2014 (SEB)

Small Business Owners Conflicted over Possible Minimum Wage Increase

With the potential for a minimum wage increase after Election Day, small business workers find themselves divided over the issue. Some small business owners argue the increase will cause them to cut their number of employees, while some say that the increase will help the economy and low-wage workers.

See “Small Businesses Divided over Minimum Wage Votes,” by Joyce M. Rosenberg, ABC News, The Associated Press, Oct 29 2014 (SEB)