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Daily News for Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Selected by the Catherwood Library Reference Staff each Monday through Friday, excluding University holidays, WIT is a free alert service, providing abstracts and links to workplace-related news stories covered in the major media. Subscribe to WIT »

Established in 1999, this service also includes a searchable archive.

Crew with Bravo’s ‘Shahs of Sunset’ cites ‘Unfair Labor Practices’ with NLRB

Crew members with Bravos reality TV show “Shahs of Sunset” began a strike on September 10th over the producers resistance to the crew unionizing. The crew had begun negotiating with the labor union the Motion Pictures Guild when they were told they would be let go. Following this, the crew filed a claim citing “unfair labor practices” with the National Labor Relations Board.

See “Union Accuses Bravo of ‘Unfair Labor Practices’ on ‘Shahs of Sunset’,” by Saba Hamedy, Los Angeles Times, Sep 30 2014 (SEB)

Unions in Hong Kong Strike over New Election Restrictions

After last month when it was announced that 2017 would be the first year of restrictive elections for the highest office, Chief Executive, Beijing students walked out of class in protest. After police began to forcefully subdue protestors, the Hong Kong Professional Teachers’ Union joined the fight. A local coca-cola distributor also had close to one hundred delivery workers join the protests.

See “Hong Kong Trade Unions Call for Strikes as Democracy Protests Swell,” by David Stout, TIME, Sep 30 2014 (SEB)

Lufthansa Pilots Strike Tuesday Over Retirement Policy Changes

The 15-hour strike held by Lufthansa pilots Tuesday affected 9,000 travelers scheduled to take long-haul flights out of Germany’s Frankfurt airport. The workers represented by Vereinigung Cockpit are striking in an effort to stop management from raising the early retirement age above 55. Lufthansa has cancelled fifty flights from Monday to Wednesday, with 25 of 57 scheduled flights being cancelled on Tuesday alone.

See “Lufthansa Pilots’ 15-Hour Strike Affects 9,000 Travelers,” Reuters, Sep 30 2014 (SEB)