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Listed below are highlights of ILR Alumni, Faculty, Staff, and Students in the news.   

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The articles are selected by Stuart Basefsky an Information Specialist and Instructor at Catherwood Library and Director of the IWS News Bureau of the Institute for Workplace Studies(IWS) in the New York City Office of the ILR School.

December 2010

Jack Goncalo - December 31, 2010 Friday
"This year, tame your office narcissist"
Crain's New York Business

Jeff Cowie - December 28, 2010 Tuesday
"The Bitter Fruits of Equality"

Linda Barrington - December 28, 2010 Tuesday
"Tracking jobless gets grim change"
USA Today

Jack Goncalo
- December 23, 2010 Thursday
"CEO Wanted. Creative People Need Not Apply"

Jack Goncalo - December 14, 2010 Tuesday
"Want to get promoted? Stifle your creativity"

Rebecca Givan
- December 14, 2010 Tuesday
"Law Stiffens Protections Over Wages"
The New York Times

Kevin Hallock
- December 14, 2010 Tuesday
"WorldatWork Announces 2011 Board of Directors"
Targeted News Service

Art Wheaton
- December 8, 2010 Wednesday
"U.S. Automakers, UAW Explore Expanding Profit Sharing"

Ronald Ehrenberg - December 8, 2010 Wednesday
"Harvard governing body under review"
Yale Daily News

Nellie J. Brown
- December 6, 2010 Monday
"Workplace safety most important to workers"
San Jose Mercury News (California)

Alan Straus (ILR Alumnus) - December 3, 2010 Friday
"Center Bancorp, Inc. Reports Resignations of Two Board Members and Appointment of New Director"

Michele Williams - December 1, 2010 Wednesday
"Convey trust with voice, professor urges"
ECN Magazine

November 2010

Seth Harris (ILR Alumnus) and Dean Harry Katz - November 29, 2010
"Election Had Little Impact on DOL Agenda, Official Says During Webcast Discussion"
BNA Daily Labor Report

Art Wheaton - November 19, 2010 Friday
"Gas Pains"
Democrat and Chronicle

Laurie Berke-Weiss (ILR Alumna) and ILR School Labor and Employment Law Program - November 19, 2010 Friday
"Independent Contractors: Labor Solicitor Says Proposed Rule On Misclassification Is ‘Not Imminent'"
BNA Daily Labor Report

Art Wheaton
- November 19, 2010 Friday
"GM's new stock hits the road at full speed"
Buffalo News

Kevin Hallock
- November 17, 2010 Wednesday
"Top Executive Compensation Rose, But Not Across the Board"
PR Newswire

Ron Ehrenberg
- November 17, 2010 Wednesday
"Iowa State Study Confirms Faculty Union Influence on Institutional Decision Making"
US Fed News

Francine Blau  - November 15, 2010 Monday
"Pay Equity Stays Elusive; Who We Are"
Hartford Courant (Connecticut)

Sean Sweeney
- November 12, 2010 Friday
"Officials seeking input on N.Y. climate plan"
Rochester Democrat and Chronicle (New York)

Susanne Bruyere and Lisa Nishii - November 11, 2010 Thursday
"DMEC Announces Partnership with Cornell and EARN"

Jack Goncalo - November 11, 2010 Thursday
"Narcissism and Creativity: Intriguing and Troubling Findings"
Fast Company

Sean Sweeney
- November 10, 2010 Wednesday
"Paterson: Weigh in on climate plan"
Poughkeepsie Journal (New York)

Jeff Cowie - November 9, 2010 Tuesday
"'Stayin' Alive' by Jefferson Cowie charts how it all went wrong for the U.S. working class"
Plain Dealer

Ron Holland (ILR Alumnus) - November 9, 2010 Tuesday
"Sheppard Mullin Adds Five-Attorney San Francisco Labor Group;
Labor and Employment Law Team Continues Firm's Recent Expansion of Signature Practice"

Kate Bronfenbrenner
- November 8, 2010 Monday
"Globalization, Union-Style"
The American Prospect

Lance Compa - November 8, 2010 Monday
Slumming in America"
The American Prospect

Linda Barrington - November 5, 2010 Friday
The Insana Quotient

Art Wheaton - November 2, 2010 Tuesday
WUFO 1080 AM 

William Sonnenstuhl - November 2010
"What to Do About Substance Abuse"
HR Magazine

October 2010

James Gross - October 31, 2010 Sunday
"Labor law has been ‘turned inside out to help the powerful,’ top historian says"
Workday Minnesota

Francine Blau
- October 28, 2010 Thursday
"Extra Pennies for Women Execs: The Gender Wage Gap Decreases by Four Cents"
The Huffington Post

John Bunge - October 27, 2010 Wednesday
"First Ever US Solar Jobs Census Finds Solar Employment On The Rise"
Space Daily

Jack Goncalo - October 25, 2010 Monday
"Narcissists have no creative edge, but sell selves better: Study"
Montreal Gazette

Kate Bronfenbrenner
- October 25, 2010 Monday
"Jimmy John's union touts close vote"
Pioneer Press

John Bishop - October 24, 2010 Sunday
"Beauty school boon"
The Times-Tribune (Scranton, Pennsylvania)

Employment and Disability Institute
, Susanne Bruyere, Kevin Hallock, Lisa Nishii, and Judy Young - October 21, 2010 Thursday
"ILR School’s Employment and Disability Institute wins $4 million grant to study employer practices"
My Science

Risa Lieberwitz
- October 18, 2010 Monday
"Discussing politics at work"

Lee Adler
- October 14, 2010 Thursday
"City, Firefighters Face Off Over Staffing"
The Wall Street Journal

ILR School - October 13, 2010 Wednesday
"Expedited Process Set Out in Memo Could Be Expanded"
BNA Daily Labor Report

Nancy Hinkley - October 13, 2010 Wednesday
"Regularly communicate, collaborate with parents throughout transition process"
LRP Publications

John Bunge
and Maria Figueroa - October 13, 2010 Wednesday
"ILR School contributes to first solar jobs census"
My Science

Jeff Cowie - October 13, 2010 Wednesday
"Labor's love lost"
Rochester City Newspaper

John Bunge - October 13, 2010 Wednesday
"First Ever U.S. Solar Jobs Census Finds Solar Employment on the Rise; More than half of all solar employers plan to expand workforce in the next year"
PR Newswire

Arthur Wheaton - October 2, 2010 Saturday
"Union-Led Fall Weatherization Home Engery Conservation Kit Project Targeting As Many As 30 Low-Income Homes Today In Buffalo’s Seneca-Babcock Area, Reps Say “It’s A HECK Of A Way To Kick Energy Habit & Lower Utility Bills”"
WNY Labor Today

Jeff Grabelsky - October 2, 2010 Saturday
"Raising a big stink? Try the rat."
The Washington Post

Ken Margolies
- October 1, 2010 Friday
"Nassau: Forget Contracts, We’ll Set Worker Salaries"
The Chief

Arthur Wheaton
- October 1, 2010 Friday
"U.S. Auto Sales Gain Strength at the End of September"

September 2010

Francine Blau - September 30, 2010 Thursday
"Francine Blau receives top labor economics award"

Christopher Collins - September 29, 2010 Wednesday
"People@Work: Plugging the Gap Between Jobs and Skills"

Richard Hurd - September 26, 2010 Sunday
"Coke merger worries workers"
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Francine Blau
and Lawrence Kahn - September 23, 2010 Thursday
"Mind the Gap"

Louis Pechman (ILR Alumnus) - September 22, 2010 Wednesday
"New Website Helps Cheated Restaurant Workers"
NBC New York

Ronald Ehrenberg - September 18. 2010 Saturday
"Penn State to Award Four Honorary Degrees at Upcoming Ceremonies"
US Fed News

Jack Goncalo - September 17, 2010 Friday
"Is Narcissism Good for Business?"
Science Magazine

Sam Bacharach
- September 17, 2010 Friday
"Engage Your Employees; Connecting to their jobs and co-workers will help businesses get results."
Hotel Interactive, Inc.

ILR School - September 16, 2010 Thursday
"Hinchey, Hall Continue Push to Ensure Local Workers Used for Construction Projects at West Point"
Congressional Documents and Publications

Lee Adler - September 9, 2010 Thursday
"Sounding the Alarm for Firefighters' Pay"
Bloomsberg Businessweek

John Hausknecht
- September 9, 2010 Thursday
"Leaders With Strong "Soft Skills" Get Better Business Results Than Those Who Drive Hard for Results at All Costs"

Richard Hurd
- September 7, 2010 Tuesday
"Labor strikes losing ground in tough economy"

Wendy Strobel
- September 7, 2010 Tuesday
"A Community Conversation: 20th Anniversary of the ADA"

Jefferson Cowie
- September 6, 2010 Monday
"That 70's Feeling"
The New York Times

Kate Bronfenbrenner
- September 6, 2010 Monday
"A doctor who will picket for patients Dr. Nave is believed to be America's only union president who's a doctor"
The Post Standard (Syracuse, NY)

Rebecca Givan
- September 6, 2010 Monday
"Mott's strike rages on with no end in sight"
Rochester Democrat and Chronicle (New York)

Ronald Ehrenberg
- September 3, 2010 Friday
"Elite B-Schools Keep on Building"
Yahoo News

Center for Advanced Human Resource Studies (CAHRS) - September 3, 2010 Friday
"The Value Gap"
Compensation Cafe

Kevin Hallock
- September 3, 2010 Friday
"About that 'new research' that says CEOs got rich by firing workers..."
Network World

Alex Colvin - September 3, 2010 Friday
"In good company: Welfare capitalism"
The Boston Globe

Lance Compa - September 2, 2010 Thursday
"Group Says Europe Firms Exploit US Labor Laws"

Laurie Berke-Weiss(ILR Alumna) - September 2, 2010 Thursday
"P. Diddy Sued for Age Discrimination by Longtime Employee"
NBC New York

August 2010

David Lipsky - August 31, 2010 Tuesday
"Miami Imposes Pay, Health, Pension Cuts to Ease Pressure on Budget Deficit"

Rose Batt - August 28, 2010 Saturday
"Call centres, unscripted"
Ottawa Citizen

Ron Ehrenberg
- August 26, 2010 Thursday
"American Arbitration Association and Cornell University Publish Labor Arbitration Book"
The Star-Ledger (Newark, New Jersey) 

Ray Cebula - August 24, 2010 Tuesday
"The Disability Diaries: Disability a Disadvantage in Job Hunt"
KUHF Houston Public Radio

Stephen Adler (ILR Alumnus) - August 24, 2010 Tuesday
"Grapevine: A gentlemanly judge"
The Jerusalem Post

Jeff Cowie
- August 23, 2010 Monday
"Are We Not Men? We Are Devo!"
History News Network

Arthur Wheaton
- August 18, 2010 Wednesday
"Stumping for rejuvenation; Gillibrand meets local business, labor leaders in appeal for ideas to regenerate the economy"
Buffalo News (New York)

Vernon Briggs
- August 18, 2010 Wednesday
"700,000 Illegal Immigrants Take Jobs"
St. Petersburg Times (Florida)

Barry A. Hartstein (ILR Alumnus) - August 16, 2010 Monday
"Prominent Labor and Employment Attorney Barry A. Hartstein Joins Littler Mendelson's Chicago Office"
Business Wire

Laura Hertzog
-  August 16, 2010 Monday
"The tricky path forward for Michelle Obama "

Linda Barrington
- August 15, 2010 Sunday
"They're known as 'the 99ers,' and their numbers are growing in Ohio and nationwide"
The Plain Dealer

Kate Bronfenbrenner
- August 15, 2010 Sunday
"Laborers' union to rejoin AFL-CIO"
The Bismarck Tribune

Jack Goncalo
- August 12, 2010 Thursday
"Business School: Hotbed of Narcissism?"

Rocco Scanza
- August 9, 2010 Monday
"American Arbitration Association and Cornell University Publish Labor Arbitration Book"
Targeted News Service

Kevin Hallock
- August 9, 2010 Monday
"Is it worth it to go to college?"

Lawrence Kahn
- August 8, 2010 Sunday
"Money hot topic as NBA, union talks turn serious"
The Oregonian (Portland, Oregon)

Ronald Ehrenberg - August 8, 2010 Sunday
"MSU spends more in nonacademic areas as state aid drops"
Lansing State Journal (Michigan)

Lou Jean Fleron
- August 7, 2010 Saturday
"Cornell students spend summer helping to better life in the city"
Buffalo News (New York)

Hannah McDermott (ILR Student) - August 6, 2010 Friday
"For American Students, Life Lessons in the Mideast"
New York Times

Lara Skinner
and Sean Sweeney - August 6, 2010 Friday
"Mexico: Towards a low-carbon society not at the cost of jobs"
Interpress Service

Kate Bronfenbrenner - August 1, 2010 Sunday
"The soul of Ravenswood, W.Va., is in aluminum"
Pittsburgh Tribune Review

July 2010

Linda Barrington - July 30, 2010 Friday
"The Crippling Costs of Obesity in the Workplace"
The Fiscal Times

Richard Hurd - July 27, 2010 Tuesday
"Mott's asks upstate's unemployed: How badly do you want a job?"
The Post Standard (Syracuse, New York)

Alex Bores (ILR Student) - July 26, 2010 Monday
"Pressured, Nike to Help Workers in Honduras"
New York Times

Erin Sember - July 23, 2010 Friday
"Disability Act Turns 20, More Work To Be Done"

Art Wheaton
- July 23, 2010 Friday
"BMW's Engin Problems: A Safety Risk to Drivers -- and the Company?"
Daily Finance

Wendy Strobel
- July 22, 2010 Sunday
"Cornell center presses efforts to help disabled"
Ithaca Journal

Daniel Cohen (ILR Lecturer) - July 20, 2010 Tuesday
"Startup Activity at Record Low: Challenger"

John Hausknecht - July 15, 2010 Thursday
"What Predicts Executive Success?"
HR Executive

Jack Goncalo - July 15, 2010 Thursday
"Narcissists bring pluses, minuses to the workplace"
R & D Magazine

Ron Ehrenberg - July 11, 2010 Sunday
"The graduate who didn't graduate: Extreme case illustrates problems"
The Tennessean

Beth Livingston - July 6, 2010 Tuesday
"Women still wary of helping each other at work"

Ron Ehrenberg - July 6, 2010 Tuesday
"Rawlings, Ehrenberg to examine research universities"
R & D Magazine

Fred Kotler
- July 2010
"Montpelier debates union role in Champlain Bridge construction"