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ILR in the News: July-December 2004

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Listed below are highlights of ILR Alumni, Faculty, Staff, and Students in the news.

Please note that most of the stories are copyrighted by the publisher.

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The articles are selected by Stuart Basefsky an Information Specialist and Instructor at Catherwood Library and Director of the IWS News Bureau of the Institute for Workplace Studies(IWS) in the New York City Office of the ILR School.

December 2004

Francine Blau - December 31, 2004
The New York Times
"Gaining Ground on the Wage Front"
- Link to the New York Times

Israel Faxx - December 21, 2004
Survey Research Institute, Cornell University, School of Industrial
"44% of Americans Favor Curtailing Some Muslim Liberties"
- Link to Survey Research Institute, Cornell University, School of Industrial and Labor Relations

Dennis M. Hughes - December 21, 2004
The New York Times
"A Voice for Labor, Deftly Applied"
- Link to the New York Times

Kate Bronfenbrenner - December 21, 2004
Plain Dealer
"Youngstown Paper, Strikers dug in;
No Talks Planned in 5-Week Walkout Against Vindicator "
- Link to the Plain Dealer

William Perkins - December 19, 2004
Hartford Courant
"Teacher Pact Raises Ire;
Objections Voiced  Over Two  Benefits"
- Link to the Hartford Courant

Kate Bronfenbrenner - December 18, 2004
The Boston Glove
"Labor Under Fire
Unions Worry NLRB Will End Organizing Tool"
- Link to the The Boston Globe 

Richard Hurd - December 15, 2004
National Public Radio (NPR)
"Entire NHL Season May Be Wiped Out Because of Labor Dispute"
- Link to NPR

Rick [Richard] Hurd - December 12, 2004
Chicago Tribune
"Lockout weapon; A strike once was a union's most powerful weapon, but employers are trumping that move by keeping workers out and hiring replacements for them"
- Link to the Chicago Tribune 

Carol Blessing - December 12, 2004
The Journal News
"Mainstream Jobs Prove To Be a Benefit"
- Link to the Journal News 

Carol Blessing - December 12, 2004
The Journal News
"Coming of Age"
- Link to the Journal News

Ronald G. Ehrenberg - December 8, 2004
Rochester Democrat and Chronicle
"Joy, Wariness Greet New Minimum Wage"
- Link to Rochester Democrat and Chronicle

Kate Bronfenbrenner - December 6, 2004
Charleston Gazette
"Labor Leaders Talk About Making Difference Again"
- Link to the Charleston Gazette  

Kate Bronfenbrenner - December 6, 2004
Modern Healthcare
"Labor pains; As membership slides, unions have turned to provocative corporate campaigns to aid organizing.  But critics say they're just a way to increase flagging numbers, dues"
- Link to Modern Healthcare   

Kate Bronfenbrenner - December 6, 2004
St. Louis Post-Dispatch
"Labor Leaders Look to Reverse Declines"
- Link to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch   

Richard Hurd - December 5, 2004
The New York Times
"Between Union Leader and His Protege, Tension Over Direction of Labor Movement"
- Link to the New York Times  

Robert [Richard] Hurd - December 3, 2004
The Hotline
"Labor Shakedown?"
- Link to the Hotline 

Kate Bronfenbrenner - December 3, 2004
The Times Union
"Wal-Mart Finds Union Label in China"
- Link to the Times Union  (Albany, New York)

Pat Wright - December 1, 2004
"Inside SHRM; Society for Human Resource Management "
- Link to HRMagazine 

Pat Wright, Scott Snell, and Peder Jacobsen - December 1, 2004
Human Resource Planning
"Current Approaches to HR Strategies: Inside-Out Versus Outside-In."
- Link to Human Resource Planning 

Richard Hurd - December 1, 2004
The Los Angeles Times
"Commentary; Disorganized Labor"
- Link to the Los Angeles Times

Kate Bronfenbrenner - December 1 , 2004
The Washington Post
"Wal-Mart Loves Unions (In China)"
- Link to the Washington Post 

November 2004

Kate Bronfenbrenner- November 30, 2004
The Washington Post
"Temps Lose Bargaining Rights Won In 2000;
NLRB Reverses Stand Along Party Lines"
- Link to the Washington Post 

Marianne Murphy - November 23, 2004
Post Standard
"Transition Options: Students Prepare To Deal With Life After High School"
- Link to Post-Standard

Kate Bronfenbrenner - November 21, 2004
Buffalo News
" How Steelworkers Union Learned To Cope With New Realities"
- Link to the Buffalo News

Kate Bronfenbrenner - November 17, 2004
Boston Globe
"Offshoring Accelerating US Study Puts Number Of Jobs Sent Overseas In 2004 At 406,000, Double The Estimates"
- Link to the The Boston Globe

Vernon Briggs - November 17, 2004
"Lou Dobbs Tonight"
- Link to CNNFN

Vernon Briggs - November 17, 2004
"Lou Dobbs Tonight "
- Link to CNN

Kate Bronfenbrenner - November 12, 2004
"Labor Unions Need to Increase Membership"
- Link to NPR

Lance Compa - November 12, 2004
Rochester Democrat and Chronicle
"Workers Fight for Health Care, Pay"
- Link to Rochester Democrat and Chronicle

Kate Bronfenbrenner - November 11, 2004
International Herald Tribune
"U.S. Labor Movement in Disarray"
- Link to International Herald Tribune

Kate Bronfenbrenner - November 10, 2004 
Los Angeles Times
"Unions Confront Postelection Reality: in What Probably will be a Somber Meeting, Leaders Gather Today to Ponder Organized Labor's Survival in the Next Four Years"
- Link to the Los Angeles Times 

Kate Bronfenbrenner - November 10, 2004
New York Times
"As Labor Leadership Gathers, Head of Largest Union Issues Call for Major Changes"
- Link to the New York Times

Kate Bronfenbrenner - November 10, 2004
"ALF-CIO Struggles With Bush's Re-election"
- Link to UPI

Ann Martin - November 9, 2004
Buffalo News
"School Boards Discuss Collaborations"
- Link to the Buffalo News

Robert Hutchens - November 9, 2004
Newhouse News Service
"Easing Into Retirement Can Benefit Worker, Company"
- Link to the Newhouse News Service

Kate Bronfenbrenner - November 1, 2004
Consulting-Specifying Engineer
"Going Abroad: U.S. Design Firms are Seeing an Increasing Number of Opportunities for Work on Industrial Facilities in Foreign Countries-and a Change in Their Working Relationships With Native Counterparts"
- Link to Consulting-Specifying Engineer

October 2004

Kate Bronfenbrenner - October 30, 2004
San Francisco Chronicle
"Unions Work to Make a Difference: Members Monitor Polls, Register Voters" - Link to the San Francisco Chronicle

Rick Hurd - October 29, 2004
Cincinnati Enquirer
"After Agreement, Kroger Workers Angry, Dismayed"
- Link to The Cincinnati Enquirer 

Kate Bronfenbrenner - October 26, 2004 
The Village Voice
"Bush's Other War"
- Link to the Village Voice

Kate Bronfenbrenner - October 25, 2004
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
"Offshoring's Toll: Bad to Worse"
- Link to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution 

Lou Jean Fleron  and Erik C. Nisbet - October 24, 2004
Buffalo News
"Upstater's Don't Feel Very Bullish"
- Link to the Buffalo News

Ronald Seeber - October 21, 2004
The New York Times
"A Wise Decision Brings"
- Link to the New York Times

Kate Bronfenbrenner - October 20, 2004
The Boston Globe
"Facing a Fund Gap - Lucent Seeking to Shift Part of Soaring Health Costs to Retirees"
- Link to the The Boston Globe

Kate Bronfenbrenner - October 15, 2004
CBS MarketWatch
"Study Sees 406,000 U.S. Jobs Shifting Overseas In 2004"
- Link to the CBS Marketwatch   

Rick Hurd - October 13, 2004
The Cincinnati Enquirer
"Both Grocer, Union in a No-Win Situation"
- Link to The Cincinnati Enquirer

Rick Hurd - October 10, 2004
Chicago Tribune
"Labor Working Hard to Get Out Vote for Kerry;  The Firefighters Union Was an Early Backer, but not All Members are Behind the National Push"
- Link to the Chicago Tribune 

September 2004

Kate Bronfenbrenner - September 20, 2004
The Washington Post
"Did Your Hear..."
- Link to the Washington Post 

Lou Jean Fleron - September 19, 2004
Buffalo News
"A Better Life for Workers, but at What Cost to the City?"
- Link to the Buffalo News

Kate Bronfenbrenner - September 17, 2004
The Washington Post
"Old Labor Tactics Resurface in New Union; Unite Here Involves Younger People, has History of Not Backing Down"
- Link to the Washington Post 

Kate Bronfenbrenner - September 13, 2004
Business Week
"Can This Man Save Labor?; Andy Stern Wants to Radically Retool the U.S. Labor Movement. but First He Must Win Over Some Powerful Union Leaders" - Link to Business Week Online   

Kate Bronfenbrenner - September 13, 2004
Los Angeles Times
"Labor Board May Rule on Union Tactic; Use of 'Card Check Recognition' Has Been a Boon to Organizing Workers. Critics say the Process is Open to Abuse."
- Link to the Los Angeles Times

Smithers Insitutite - September 8, 2004
Federal Document Clearing House Congressional Testimony 
"9/11 Health Care Effects"
- Link to the Federal Document Clearing House, Inc.

Patrick Young, President of Cornell Organization for Labor Action - September 7, 2004
Cornell Daily Sun
"Cornell U. Students Protest, Volunteer at Republican Convention"
 - Link to the Cornell Daily Sun

Kate Bronfenbrenner - September 6, 2004
The Boston Globe
"Worries About NLRB Fuel Campagin by Unions Leaders Say Panel Favors Employers, Seek to Oust Bush"
- Link to the The Boston Globe

Harry C. Katz and David B. Lipsky - September 5, 2004
"Police Officers' Salaries"
The New York Times
- Link to the New York Times

Ronald Ehrenberg - September 2, 2004
Newhouse News Service
"Elite Schools May Not Be Worth the Price for You"
- Link to the Newhouse News Service

Carol Blessing - September 1, 2004
Inclusive Education Programs
"Establish a New Standard for Inclusion in the Classroom"
- Link to Inclusive Education Programs (LRP Publications)

Patrick Wright - September 2004
"Conquering the Strategy vs. Financial Business Challenge"
- Link to HRfocus 

August 2004

Ronald Ehrenberg - August 30, 2004
Plain Dealer (Cleveland)
"Elite Schools Not Always Worth the Price; There is a Lot More to Consider Than Just a Collegiate Brand Name"
- Link to the Plain Dealer

Lance Compa - August 30, 2004
PR Newswire
Labor Day Weekend Pickets to Demand Danish Government Curb Worker Rights Abuses;  American Trade Unions Cite Violations by Danish Steamship Giant of UN Labor Codes
- Link to the PR Newswire

Ronald Ehrenberg - August 25, 2004
United Press International
"Is College Tuition Money Well Spent?"
- Link to United Press International

Kate Bronfenbrenner - August 19, 2004
NPR - All Things Considered 
"Workers who Don't get Paid Overtime"
- Link to NPR 

Andrew Houtenville - August 16, 2004
The Asheville Citizen-Times
"More Employers Hiring Workers to Reflect Their Diverse Clientele"
- Link to the The Asheville Citizen-Times

Frank Morris - August 16, 2004
PR Newswire
"Epstein Becker & Green Expands National ADA Practice Group;
Attorneys Anticipate Major Changes in Department of Justice ADA Accessibility Standards, Impacting Industries Across the Board"
- Link to the PR Newswire

Kate Bronfenbrenner - August 14, 2004
The Washington Post
"US Airways Management Frustrated With Unions"
- Link to the Washington Post 

Kate Bronfenbrenner - August 12, 2004
Business Week Online
"A Wal-Mart With a Union Label?; Employees in a Canadian Store Have won the Right to Organize. It's one More Headache for the Giant Retailer"
- Link to Business Week Online  

Richard Hurd - August 11, 2004
Chicago Tribune
"Union Leaders vow all-out Effort on Kerry's Behalf"
- Link to the Chicago Tribune

July 2004

Kate Bronfenbrenner - July 25, 2004
Arkansas Democrat-Gazette (Little Rock)
"Who Moves Next? When Tyson Foods Purchased Meatpacker IBP, it Inherited Erenched Unions and Labor Tensions"
- Link to the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

Smithers Institute  - July 19, 2004
Alcoholism & Drug Abuse Weekly
"Despite Protests From Rsearchers, NIAAA Discontinues Online Research Database; National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism"
- Link to Alcoholism & Drug Abuse Weekly

Kate Bronfenbrenner - July 16, 2004 
The Daily Record (Baltimore, MD)   
"USF Red Star Closes Down After Union Strike."
- Link to The Daily Record 

Kate Bronfenbrenner -July 16, 2004
National Public Radio (NPR) 
"National Labor Relations Board Rules That Graduate Students do not Have the Right to Unionize"
- Link to NPR  

Lou Jean Fleron - July 15, 2004 
Buffalo News 
"Reaching Out to Business/ Group's Personal Touch Aims to Sway Decisions/ On Relocation, Expansion"
- Link to the Buffalo News

Ronald Ehrenberg  - July 13, 2004
National Public Radio (NPR) 
"Reducing the Cost of College" 
- Link to NPR 

Buffalo Extension - July 11, 2004
"Cornell University School of Industrial and Labor Relations Awarded the Buffalo Labor Studies Certificate to Graduates"
- Link to the Buffalo News

Cletus Daniel
Financial Times (London, England), July 9, 2004 Friday
"US Service Industry Labour Unions Merge"
- Link to the Financial Times (London, England)

Rick Hurd
Chicago Tribune, July 7, 2004
"Unions Seek Strength in Merger: Garment Hotel Workers to Vote on Combination"
- Link to the Chicago Tribune 

Rosemary Batt
USA TODAY, July 7, 2004
"Inmates vs. Outsourcing"
- Link to USA Today 

Survey Research Institute
The Post-Standard (Syracuse, NY), July 4, 2004
"Political Activism Found Highest Among Republicans and Liberals New York State Empire State Poll 2004."
- Link to Post-Standard  

Patrick Wright
Workforce Management July 1, 2004, Thursday
"Coke's new CEO Focuses on Workers; Human Resources Will Report to him. E. Neville Isdell Believes in the Power of "Good old-Fashioned pep Rallies"
- Link to Workforce Management