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ILR in the News: January-June 2006

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Listed below are highlights of ILR Alumni, Faculty, Staff, and Students in the news.   

Please note that most of the stories are copyrighted by the publisher. 

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The articles are selected by Stuart Basefsky an Information Specialist and Instructor at Catherwood Library and Director of the IWS News Bureau of the Institute for Workplace Studies(IWS) in the New York City Office of the ILR School.

June 2006

Christopher J. Collins - June 21, 2006
USA Today
"7 Steps to Better Hiring; How can Owners Find Great Workers? Often, it's as Simple as Sticking to Seven Basics"
- Link to USA Today 

Thomas Melito (Alumnus) - June 20, 2006
Federal News Service [Cong. Hearing]
"Hearing of the Federal Financial Management, Government Information, and International Security Subcommittee of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee"
- Link to Federal News Service

James J. Duffy (Alumnus and CAHRS Sponsor)- June 19, 2006
PR Newswire US
Labor, Immigrant Rights Groups Call for Justice at World's Largest Pork Processing Plant Pressure Causes Smithfield to Announce 'When a New Election is Called, We Will Fully Comply'
- Link to  PR Newswire US

Lance Compa  - June 19, 2006
Richmond Times Dispatch (Virginia)
"Smithfield Employees Deserve Better Treatment..."
- Link to  Richmond Times Dispatch

Denise D. Knight (ILR Certificate) - June 18, 2006
Observer-Dispatch (Utica, New York)
"On the Move"
- Link to Observer-Dispatch 

Francine Moccio and Institute for Women and Work
The Post-Star (Glen Falls, N.Y.)
"Rolling up Their Blouse Sleeves"
- Link to Post-Star

Richard W. Hurd - June 16, 2006
The New York Times
"Unions Focus Attention on Workers in Service Industries"
- Link to New York Times 

ILR Alumnus - June 15, 2006
New York Post
"Sparks' Wait Staff Sues Over Sirloin Tips"
- Link to New York Post

Louis Pechman (ILR Alumnus) - June 15, 2006
Daily News (New York)
"Row at Mob-Say Eatery Waiters Sue Over Tips"
- Link to Daily News

Samuel B. Bacharach - June 13, 2006
Line 56
"E-Teaching Don't Forget the Pivotal Role of the Teacher in E-Learning; the Case of Cornell University's Samuel Bacharach" 
- Link to Line 56  

Harry C. Katz - June 13, 2006
The New York Times
"Somber Tone And Protest As U.A.W. Convenes"
- Link to New York Times

Arthur C. Wheaton - June 12, 206
Workforce Management

"After Buyouts, Finding Temps Could be a Challenge for GM"
- Link to Workforce Management

ILR [Lance Compa Report] - June 12, 2006
The Herald (Glasgow)
"Union Slams FirstGroup's Stance on Labour Rights Policy" 
- Link to The Herald (Glasgow) 

Lance Compa  - June 12, 2006
PR Newswire Europe
"Co-operative Insurance Supports First Group Bus Workers Shareholders Action"
- Link to PR Newswire Europe 

Arthur C. Wheaton - June 11, 2006
Yakima Herald Republic
"Getting back to work"
- Link to Yakima Herald Republic 

Industrial & Labor Relations Review - June 11, 2006
Observer-Dispatch (Utica, New York)
"Unions Losing Members"
- Link to Observer-Dispatch

Kate Bronfenbrenner - June 11, 2006
The Post-Standard (Syracuse, New York)
"Labor Pains Intensify; Rising Health-Care Costs, Greed Blamed For More Strikes"
- Link to Post-Standard

Stephen Schiavo (ILR Alumnus, MILR) - June 11, 2006
Sunday Telegram (Massachusetts)
- Link to Sunday Telegram 

Richard W. Hurd - June 10, 2006
The Houston Chronicle
"Two Unions Pursue Unity;
Rivals Ready to Join to Represent City Employees"
- Link to Houston Chronicle

Lowell Turner - June 9, 2006
The Chronicle of Higher Education
"Toss Out the Index Cards"
- Link to The Chronicle of Higher Education

Samuel B. Bacharach - June 8, 2006
"Serving Company Politics"
- Link to  

Vernon M. Briggs Jr - June 5, 2006
Rocky Mountain News (Denver, CO)
"Service Workers Demand Their Voice be Heard;
Union has Spoken out for Immigrant Rghts, Needs Outside Workplace"
- Link to  Rocky Mountain News

Lou Jean Fleron  - June 4, 2006
Buffalo News (New York)
"Unions Wary of the Future as They Hemorrhage Members;
Private Unions see Greater Decline Than in the Public Sector"
- Link to Buffalo News

Kate Bronfenbrenner - June 4, 2006
Boston Globe
"Battle Between Hotel, Union Enters Rare Labor Relations Territory"
- Link to Boston Globe 

Marina Williams (ILR Certificate and Adjunct Prof.) - June 2, 2006
Yahoo! Finance
"Lear Corporation Names Marina Williams Chief Diversity Officer"
- Link to Yahoo! Finance

Cristopher Metzler - June 2, 2006
The Ithaca Journal (New York)
"Tompkins leaders gather for diversity summit"
- Link to The Ithaca Journal

Lance Compa  - June 1, 2006
The Independent (London)
"FirstGroup Comes Under Fire Over Union Rights for Bus Workers in US" - Link to The Independent  

Kate Bronfenbrenner - June 1, 2006
"Labor Union Outlook: Amid Economic Recovery, Unions See a Struggle Just to Maintain Lost Ground"
- Link to EconoPlay

Samuel B. Bacharach - June, 2006
Fast Company
"Build an Army for Your Ideas: How to Call in Reinforcements to Champion Your Brainstorms"
- Link to Fast Company

May 2006

Marcia Calicchia - May 31, 2006
New York State Dept. of Health
"Disaster Relief Medicaid: Evaluation Project"
- Link to  New York State Dept. of Health

Paul Stoddard (ILR Alumnus) - May 31, 2006
Sun-Sentinel (Fort Lauderdale, Florida)
"Traditional Italian Food on the Menu at Paolo's"
- Link to Sun-Sentinel 

David B. Lipsky - May 31, 2006
The Toronto Star
"New York Transit Froze Riders Out"
- Link to the Toronto Star 

Marcia Calicchia - May 29, 2006
Office of the Controller (Los Angeles)
"Los Angeles Labor Negotiations Study"
- Link to  Office of the Controller

Vernon M. Briggs Jr - May 26, 2006
City News Service
"Fox Meets With Villaraigosa"
- Link to City News Service 

Lance Compa - May 26, 2006 (Financial Times)
"Tesco Moving Into Southland Union Battlefield"
- Link to Financial Times 

Vernon M. Briggs Jr - May 25, 2006
Christian Science Monitor
"Rising Black-Latino Clash on Jobs"
- Link to Christian Science Monitor  
ILR  Study - May 24, 2006
City News Service
"City News Service"
- Link to City News Service  

ILR Course - May 24, 2006
Rochester Democrat and Chronicle (New York)
"Around the Towns"
- Link to Rochester Democrat and Chronicle

Vernon M. Briggs Jr - May 22, 2006
"Immigration Angst"
- Link to  MiMegasite

John (Jack) F. Ryan (ILR Alumnus) - May 22, 2006
Business Wire
"GE Appoints Seven Company Officers"
- Link to Business Wire 

Robert S. Smith - May 22, 2006
The New York Times
"City Workers' 9/11 Claims Meet Obstacles"
- Link to  New York Times 

Col. Daniel L. Finke Jr (Alumnus) - May 21, 2006
Newsday (New York)
- Link to Newsday

Col. Daniel L. Finke Jr (ILR Alumnus) - May 19, 2006
Newsday (New York) (Nassau and Suffolk Edition)
- Link to Newsday 

Kate Bronfenbrenner - May 19, 2006
Rocky Mountain News (Denver, CO)
"Bill Prevents Abuse, Protects Choice"
- Link to  Rocky Mountain News

Vernon M. Briggs Jr - May 17, 2006
Law and Public Policy, Wharton, online
"The Immigration Debate: Its Impact on Workers, Wages and Employers "
- Link to Law and Public Policy 

Vernon M. Briggs Jr - May 16, 2006
Manila Bulletin
"Conflicting Caims on Illegal Immigrants;
Opinion & Editorial"
- Link to Manila Bulletin

Arthur C. Wheaton - May 15, 2006
Voice of Reason (Radion WHLD 1270, Buffalo)
"Discussing the Delphi, GM and UAW Negotiations"
- Link to  Voice of Reason

Ira Lobel (ILR Alumnus) - May 15, 2006
The Burlington Free Press (Vermont)
"The 'Strike-Stopper' Settles Vt. Teacher Disputes"
- Link to Burlington Free Press 

Richard W. Hurd - May 10, 2006
Newhouse News Service
"Dissent Simmers As Teamsters Union Prepares for Elections Next Month"
- Link to Newhouse News Service 

Arthur C. Wheaton - May 9, 2006
Buffalo News (New York)
"Delphi Gets its Day in Court Today"
- Link to Buffalo News 

Arthur C. Wheaton  - May 8, 2006
WBEN Radio 930 am (Buffalo, N.Y)
"Delphi Decision On Unions Debated"
- Link to WBEN Radio 930 am  

Samuel B. Bacharach - May 8, 2006
Magic City Morning Star (Millinocket, Maine)
"Winning at Working: Serving Company Politics"
- Link to Magic City Morning Star  

Stephen Schiavo (ILR Alumnus, MILR) - May 8, 2006
Sentinel & Enterprise (Fitchburg, Massachusetts)
- Link to Sentinel & Enterprise 

Vernon M. Briggs Jr - May 8, 2006
National Review
"Illegal Immigrants, Unite! - And Under the Union Banner, Too."
- Link to National Review

Richard W. Hurd and Rob Hickey (ILR Alumnus, Ph.D.) - May 7, 2006
Plain Dealer (Cleveland)
"Dissent Simmers"
- Link to Plain Dealer 

Arthur C. Wheaton - May 6, 2006
Roanoke Times
"Difficult Road Ahead for GM to Recapture Reputation"
- Link to Roanoke Times 

Richard W. Hurd - May 6, 2006
The Houston Chronicle
"Waste Management Health Plan Protested"
- Link to Houston Chronicle

Jay W. Waks (Alumnus) - May 3, 2006
BusinessWeek Online
"UAW Asks Delphi Locals toTake Strike Vote"
- Link to BusinessWeek Online 

Alexander D. Brown (Attended ILR) - May 3, 2006
Star-Gazette (Elmira, New York)
- Link to Star-Gazette 

ILR Study (by Jonathan Gerber-- ILR Alumnus) - May 1, 2006
Grounds Maintenance
" Proof Positive"
- Link to Journal of Construction Engineering and Management

eCornell (ILR) Course - May, 2006
Compensation & Benefits for Law Offices
"CBLO Calendar (0606)"
Law Firm Management Vol. 2006 No. 6

CAHRS website - May, 2006
"HR RESEARCH: How to Enrich and Expand Your Internet Searches"
Human Resources Vol. 2006 No. 6 

Kate Bronfenbrenner - May, 2006
In These Times
"Hey Millennials, Debt Becomes You;
Twenty-Somethings Face a Life of Looming Loans"
- Link to In These Times 

April 2006

Lee H. Adler - April 30, 2006
The Virginian-Pilot
"When Ford Goes, Blue-Collar Institution Likely to go With it: UAW Local      919" 
- Link to Viginia-Pilot

Marla Marlene Kameny (Alumna, MILR) - April 30, 2006
The New York Times
- Link to New York Times 

Ronald G. Ehrenberg - April 29, 2006
Los Angeles Times
"Audit of UC Leaders' Pay Revives Debate;
As Tuition Climbs and Faculty Wage Hikes Slow, Scrutiny of Executive Compensation Grows "
- Link to Los Angeles Times 

John A. Caiella (Cornell University/OCC Labor
Relations, Certificate Program) - April 28, 2006
The Post-Standard (Syracuse, New York)
"Don't Forget Women's Role in Labor Victories"
- Link to The Post-Standard  

Richard W. Hurd - April 27, 2006
The Houston Chronicle
"Protesters Target Health Coverage;
Union Members Urge Wal-Mart to Offer Workers a Better Deal"
- Link to Houston Chronicle 

Paul Salvatore (Alumnus) - April 27, 2006
Mount Kisco (
"Paul Salvatore Selected for Clubs' John Beach Charity Award"
- Link to Mount Kisco 

Maria C. Figueroa - April 27, 2006
Univision (the Spanish TV network) "Aqui y Ahora"
"Interviewed by Univision  on the Significance of the Immigrant Rights Demonstrations." 
- Link to Univision 

Arthur C. Wheaton  - April 26, 2006
Workforce Management (News Brief)
"GM Might Face Tough Sell With Union Buyouts"
- Link to Workforce Management 

Ken Margolies - April 25, 2006
Regional Network News (Richard French Live)
Interview --  The topic was the "Jailing of the president of the TWU."
- Link to Regional Network News  

David M. Cohen (ILR Dean's Advisory Council & Alumnus) - April 25, 2006
Hillel: The Foundation for Jewish Campus Life
"Hillel to Honor Abby Joseph Cohen, David M. Cohen at New York Gala"
- Link to  Hillel: The Foundation for Jewish Campus Life

Vernon M. Briggs Jr - April 24, 2006
City News Service
"Los Angeles"
- Link to City News Service 

Jeff Jackson (Alumnus) - April 24, 2006
Furman Paladins (Furman University)
"Furman Names Jeff Jackson Head Basketball Coach"
- Link to  Furman Paladins (Furman University)

eCornell & ILR School - April 24, 2006
Yahoo! Finance
"eCornell Provides Discounted Ivy League Training to Government Employees"
- Link to Yahoo! Finance 

Harry C. Katz - April 24, 2006
The New York Times
"The Long March to Jail"
- Link to New York Times

Ken Margolies - April 24, 2006
AM New York
"Toussaint Marches Off to Jail"
- Link to AM New York

Lance Compa - April 23, 2006
Richmond Times Dispatch (Virginia)
"Is 'The Jungle' History?"
- Link to Richmond Times Dispatch  

Lance Compa - April 23, 2006
Telegraph Herald (Dubuque, IA)
"Meatpacking Still 'Jungle' of Controversy?;
Critics of Industry See Improvements Since 1906, But They Say Safety Remains an Issue"
- Link to Telegraph Herald 

Lance Compa - April 23, 2006
Topeka Capital-Journal (Kansas)
"Jungle a Little Tamer a Century Later"
- Link to Topeka Capital-Journal

Lance Compa and Vernon M. Briggs Jr - April 18, 2006
The Ithaca Journal (New York)
"Immigrants Lend a Hand on TC Farm
Groton Couple Fnds Solution to Staffing Problem in Legal Mexican Workers"
- Link to