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ILR In the News: January-June 2005

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Listed below are highlights of ILR Alumni, Faculty, Staff, and Students in the news.

Please note that most of the stories are copyrighted by the publisher.

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The articles are selected by Stuart Basefsky, an Information Specialist and Instructor at Catherwood Library and Director of the IWS News Bureau of the Institute for Workplace Studies (IWS) in the New York City Office of the ILR School.

June 2005

Eric George Kussoy (Alumnus) - June 28, 2005
The New York Times
- Link to the  New York Times

Cynthia Bootz (ILR Courses) - June 26, 2005
The Buffalo News
"Business People / Hires, Promotions & Honors
- Link to the  Buffalo News

ILR Extension as Forum Sponsor - June 24, 2005
The Buffalo News
"Iraqi Labor Activists Say U.S. Has Split Nation On Religious, Ethnic Lines"
- Link to the Buffalo News

Marcia J. Avedon (CAHRS Advisory Board) - June 24, 2005
Business Wire
"Avedon Named to Lincoln National Corporation Board of Directors"
- Link to Business Wire

Ronald G. Ehrenberg - June 24, 2005
The Chronicle of Higher Education
"In a Surprise, Cornell Chief Steps Down"
- Link to The Chronicle of Higher Education

Rufus Lamar Crawford - June 18, 2005
Rochester Democrat and Chronicle
(Entering ILR Student)
- Link to Rochester Democrat and Chronicle

Rachel Dorfman-Tandlich - June 17, 2005
Press & Sun Bulletin
(Entering ILR Student)
- Link to Press & Sun Bulletin 

Richard Hurd - June 16, 2005
The Chicago Tribune
"5 AFL-CIO Unions Form Dissident Group"
- Link to the Chicago Tribune 

Carmen Benjamin Kase (Alumna) - June 16, 2005
The Greenville News
- Link to Greenville News

Richard Hurd - June 13, 2005
The Washington Post
"Dissident Unions Form Coalition"
- Link to the  Washington Post 

Douglas Bantle
(ILR Courses) - June 15, 2005
The Post Standard
"City, Police Union Agree To Arbitration;
Oswego Police Have Been Without A Contract Since 2002, Chief Says"
- Link to the  Post-Standard 

Richard I. Greenberg (Alumnus) - June 14, 2005
FD(Fair Disclosure) Wire
"Employment Best Practices For the Non-Profit Organization - Final"
- Link to FD (Fair Disclosure)Wire 

Ronald G. Ehrenberg - June 14, 2005
The Post Standard
"Lehman's Departure May Affect Fundraising;
Sudden Resignation of Cornell President Expected to Hurt Upcoming Capital Campaign"
- Link to the Post-Standard 

Richard Hurd - June 13, 2005
National Public Radio (NPR) All Things Considered
"Dissent Grows in the Ranks of the AFL-CIO"
- Link to  National Public Radio (NPR) 

Lance Compa - June 12, 2005
The New York Times
"Mexico Labor Case Grows For Maker of Barbie Gowns"
- Link to the  New York Times 

Bradford Bell - June 12, 2005
"Bully Bosses Can Wreak Havoc On Morale, Company's Bottom Line"
- Link to  Newsday 

Harry Katz - June 11, 2005
The Ithaca Journal
"Harry Charles Katz, the Jack Sheinkman Professor of Collective Bargaining and Director of the Institute of Collective Bargaining at Cornell University's School of Industrial and Labor Relations, has been named dean of the school, Cornell President Jeffrey S. Lehman announced"
- Link to the Ithaca Journal

ILR's  Employment and Disability Institute  (EDI) - June 9, 2005
US Fed News
"Same Struggle, Different Difference: Civil Rights Policy Forum"  
 -Link to US Fed News

Richard J. Levine (Alumnus) - June 8, 2005
Business Wire
"Dow Jones Newspaper Fund Names Richard J. Levine as Its New President"
- Link to Business Wire

Marla M. Kameny (Alumna) - June 5, 2005
The Post Standard
- Link to the Post-Standard   

Ronald G. Ehrenberg - June 3, 2005
The Chronicle of Higher Education
"Advancing in Age"
- Link to The Chronicle of Higher Education 

Harry Katz - June 2, 2005
The International Herald Tribune
"U.S. Telecommunications Unions are Facing an Uphill Battle"
- Link to the International Herald Tribune 

Kate Bronfenbrenner - June 2, 2005
The American Prospect
"Labor's Civil War;
The Sweeney Revolution is Definitely Over. But is the Sweeney era? Inside the Tumultuous Battle Over Labor's Future"
- Link to the American Prospect 

Harry Katz - June 1, 2005
National Journal's Technology Daily
"Labor: Union Workers Having Tough Time With Tech Industry"
- Link to National Journal's Technology Daily   

Harry Katz - June 1, 2005
The New York Times
"Unions Struggle as Communications Industry Shifts"
- Link to the New York Times

May 2005

Richard Hurd - May 31, 2005
The New York Times
" A Summer of Discontent for Labor Focuses on Its Leader's Fitness for His Job"
- Link to the New York Times

Kate Bronfenbrenner - May 31, 2005
The Washington Post
"Logging On With A New Campaign;
Staffers Use Tactics Learned With Candidates to Pressure Wal-Mart"
- Link to the Washington Post

ILR Study - May 29, 2005
Buffalo News
"Specia Education: Saved Lives and Wasted Dollars;
Despite Success Stories, Thousands of School Children Statewide are Needlessly Labled as Learning Disabled, Diverting Millions From General Education"
- Link to the  Buffalo News

Chris Myrl Abbuhl (Alumnus) - May 29, 2005
The New York Times
- Link to the  New York Times

Harold C. Shields (Trainded by CAHRS/ILR - May 29, 2005
Pittsburgh Tribune Review
- Link to the Pittsburgh Tribune Review

Kristina Yost (Alumna) - May 28, 2005
"Student Achievers"
- Link to Observer Dispatch

Gerry Murak (Adjunct Faculty) - May 25, 2005
Yearbook of Experts
"Father Knows Best - Whether We're Willing to Admit it or Not"
- Link to the Yearbook of Experts

Kate Bronfenbrenner - May 24, 2005
The Boston Globe
"A new Breed of Union Chief in Risky Move"
- Link to the Boston Globe

Kate Bronfenbrenner - May 22, 2005
Plain Dealer
"Torn Alliances; House of Labor Divided Over Strategies and Styles"
- Link to Plain Dealer

Edwin Lopez-Soto - May 22, 2005
The Press & Sun Bulletin
"Briefing : Seminar Discusses Disabled Workers"
- Link to Press & Sun-Bulletin

Kate Bronfenbrenner - May 22, 2005
The Hartford Courant
"The Hartford Courant, Conn., Dan Haar Column"
- Link to the Hartford Courant

Kate Bronfenbrenner- May 17, 2005
"It's not Just Pensions That We're Losing"
- Link to Newsday

Sam Bacharach - May 16, 2005
The Miami Herald
"Get Them On Your Side"
- Link to the Miami Herald

Sam Bacharach - May 15, 2005
CIO Magazine
"Get Them on Your Side: Convert Skeptics, Get Results"
- Link to the CIO Magazine 

Vernon Briggs - May 15, 2005
The Providence Journal
"Commentary - While GOP Dithers - Clinton Tackles Immigration Threat"
- Link to the Providence Journal 

Richard Hurd - May 13, 2005
Chicago Tribune
"Union Discord Heads to Chicago;
Harsh Words fly as AFL-CIO's Convention Nears"
- Link to the  Chicago Tribune

Charles Flynn (Alumnus) - May 13, 2005
The Providence Journal
"New Chief Names for Volunteer Fire Department"
- Link to the Providence Journal

Cornell (ILR) Study - May 11, 2005
Financial Times
"Stagnant Salaries Push More Families Towards the Breadline: A Surfeit of Workers and the Threat of Off-Shoring are Allowing Employers to call the Shots on pay, Reports Christopher Swann"
- Link to  Financial Times

Richard Hurd - May 11, 2005
National Public Radio (NPR)
"AFL-CIO Announces it Will lay off One-Quarter of its Staff"
- Link to  National Public Radio (NPR)

John T. Bozzella (Alumnus) - May 11, 2005
PR Newswire
"DaimlerChrysler Names John T. Bozzella to Vice President - External Affairs & Public Policy (Americas)"
- Link to the  PR Newswire

Lee Adler - May 6, 2005
The Commercial Appeal
"Casino Workers Plan to Unionize -- Grand, Sheraton Won't Oppose the Drive"
- Link to the Commercial Appeal

Sam Luff (Incoming Student Athlete) - May 5, 2005
Morning Call
"Emmaus Student-Athletes Make Their College Choices"
- Link to Morning Call

Sam Bacharach - May 5, 2005
Chicago Tribune
"When Backing off is a Sign of Leadership"
- Link to the Chicago Tribune

Lance Compa - May 2, 2005
"Nuclear Defiance From North Korea; Blunder at Pentagon; Blair's Battle"
- Link to CNN

Kirsten Meade Lenartowich (Alumna) - May 1, 2005
Buffalo News
"Business People; Hires, Promotions & Honors"
- Link to the Buffalo News

Arthur Wheaton - May 1, 2005
Buffalo News
"As Detroit Gets Squeezed, Buffalo Area Will Feel the Pinch"
- Link to the Buffalo News 

Bradford Bell - May 1, 2004
"A Close Look at Workers' Rights;
Think You're Entitled to Benefits, or to see your Personnel File, or to Severance Pay? Think Again"
- Link toNewsday

Sam Bacharach - May 1, 2005
The New York Times
"A Co-Worker Wanted The Job You Got"
- Link to the New York Times

Sam Bacharach - May 2005
Fast Company
"Politically Proactive"
- Link to Fast Company

April 2005

Institute on Conflict Resolution (ILR) - April 28, 2005
States News Service
"NRC Issues Confirmatory Order to Virginia Firm in Whistleblower Case" - Link to States News Service

Ryan Matthew Holmes (Alumnus) - April 28, 2005
The Baltimore Sun
- Link to the Baltimore Sun

Vernon Briggs - April 27, 2005
Intelligencer Journal
"Migrant Workers Sustain Economies Here, Abroad"
- Link toIntelligencer Journal

ILR Labor Studies Program - April 26, 2005
Village Voice
"No Hard Hats Worn Here"
- Link to the Village Voice

ILR School in NYC - April 25, 2005
Crain's New York Business
"Lender Advances on Fifth Ave. Office;
CIT Group Eyes Space in new Tower; Cornell Finds it's Better to Rent"
- Link to Crain's New York Business

ILR Survey Research Institute (SRI) - April 25, 2005
IPS-Inter Press Service
"Religion-US: 35 Millioin Americans are Anti-Semitic, ADL Poll Finds"
- Link to IPS-Inter Press Service

ILR Survey Research Institute (SRI) - April 25, 2005
Liquid Africa
"Roots of Anti Semitism Run Deep Poll Finds"
- Link to Liquid Africa

Roslyn Goldmacher - April 24, 2005
The New York Times
"Helping Small Businesses Get the Growth Capital They Need"
- Link to the New York Times

Evan Philip Metter (Alumnus) - April 24, 2005
The Post-Standard
"Katherine Connery Evan P. Metter"
- Link to the Post-Standard

Mary Krause (Alumna) - April 23, 2005
The Post-Standard
"County Personnel Officer to Attend Session on Aging"
- Link to the  Post-Standard 

ILR Survey Research Institute (SRI)  - April 23, 2005
The Post-Standard
"New York State of Mind"
- Link to the Post-Standard 

George M. Huyler (Adjunct HR Instructor) - April 19, 2005
Business Wire
"George Huyler Joins IRMC as Top HR Officer; Industry Veteran to Focus on Compliance, Global Workforce"
- Link to Business Wire

Scott Snell - April 19, 2005
The Irish Times
-Link to the  Irish Times

ILR School - April 14, 2005
Buffalo News 
"Area Gets Map for 'Next Step' in Education"
- Link to the Buffalo News

ILR Survey Research Institute (SRI) - April 13, 2005
The T