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January - June 2012

June 2012

Forbes, June 30, 2012, Saturday – Ron Ehrenberg
Student Loan Rates To Remain Low, For Now

The Glass Hammer, June 25, 2012 Monday Laura Hertzog
LGBT: Progress and Problems in the Workplace

Workforce, June 22, 2012, Friday – Chris Collins
Going Places: Global Relocation Rebounds

Software Advice, June 21, 2012, Thursday –Steve Miranda
5 Retention Strategies for a High Performance Environment       

Businessweek, June 21, 2012, Thursday –Fran Blau and Larry Kahn
Why Women Get Paid Less Than Men

Bloomberg, June 18, 2012, Monday –Rick Hurd
Public-Workers' Union Regroups After Wisconsin To Plot Comeback       

Inc. Magazine, June 18, 2012, Monday – Sam Bacharach
Leading Teams: Find the Right Balance Between Hands-on and Hands-off         

WorldatWork's workspan magazine, June 2012 – Kevin Hallock
Does Graduating in a Bad Economy Penalize Your Pay for Life?

New York Times, June 13, 2012, Wednesday – Fran Blau and Larry Kahn
Motherhood Still a Cause of Pay Inequality

The Chronicle of Higher Education, June 13, 2012, Wednesday – Risa Lieberwitz
Ambitious AAUP Effort to Guide Relations Between Academics and Industry Meets Resistance

Bloomberg BNA, June 13, 2012, Wednesday –Susanne M. Bruyère
SHRM-Cornell Survey Suggests Pathways To Retain, Promote Workers With Disabilities

Wisconsin State Journal, June 10, 2012, Sunday – Kate Bronfenbrenner
Public unions face uncertain future

New York Times, June 8, 2012, Friday – Richard Hurd
For Labor, a Fight to Lead Heats Up

Bloomberg, June 6, 2012, Wednesday – Louis Hyman
How Consumer Loans Saved the Banking Industry

New York Times, June 6, 2012, Wednesday – Harry Katz
Unions, at Center of Wisconsin Recall Vote, Suffer a New Setback in Its Outcome

NPR, June 6, 2012, Wednesday – Lee Adler
What Wisconsin's Recall Means For Labor Unions

WNYC, June 5, 2012, Tuesday – Ron Ehrenberg
Pushing Back Against Critics, NYU Powers Ahead With Expansion Plan

Forbes, June 1, 2012, Friday – Fran Blau
Why Women's Pay Growth Slows at Age 30 and Peaks by 39

May 2012

Chicago Tribune, May 27, 2012, Sunday – Alex Colvin
Pressure on the picket line

MarketWatch, May 31, 2012, Thursday – Esta Bigler
Cross-Sector Project Takes New Approach to Employment of Ex-Offenders               

Salon, May 31, 2012, Thursday –Linda Barrington
The case for telling everyone what you make    

Salon, May 30, 2012, Wednesday –Ron Ehrenberg
Selling out public schools               

The Network Journal, May 25, 2012, Friday – Laura Hertzog
Job Gains Made by Black Women               

Bloomberg, May 24, 2012, Thursday –Louis Hyman
Frauds, Swingers and the Odd Early Days of Credit Cards               

Nation of Change, May 23, 2012, Wednesday – Global Labor Institute
Keystone XL Would Raise Gas Prices       , May 17, 2012, Thursday –Lee Adler
State workers share $138M in longevity increases               

DMEC's @Work magazine, May 2012 – Judy Young and Susan Brecher
ADAAA: Think Outside the Silo

The Economist, May 11, 2012, Friday –Pam Tolbert
Lonely at the top

Syracuse Post-Standard, May 10, 2012, Thursday –Art Wheaton
TRW's demands for shift changes in Auburn plant are part of national trend

Chippewa Herald, May 9, 2012, Wednesday Fran Blau and Larry Kahn
Common sense not always so common

Wall Street Journal, May 6, 2012, Sunday -  Harry Katz
Unions Confront Rising Tide

New York Times, May 5, 2012, Saturday Ron Ehrenberg
At California State, Protesters Start a Fast

Bloomberg, May 3, 2012, Thursday – Alex Colvin
Wall Street's Legal Magic Ends an American Right

NPR, May 3, 2012, Thursday – Linda Barrington
The Gender Pay Gap: Fact or Fiction?

MSNBC, May 1, 2012, Tuesday – Lee Adler
Wal-Mart worker wants CEO fired

The Sacramento Bee, May 1, 2012, Tuesday –Kevin Schneider (ILR Alumnus)  
Genworth Announces Two Leadership Changes in Mortgage Insurance Businesses

WorldatWork's workspan magazine, May 2012 – Kevin Hallock
Governance and Executive Compensation in Nonprofits

April 2012

Los Angeles Times, April 28, 2012, Saturday – Vernon Briggs
Blacks in South L.A. have a bleaker jobs picture than in 1992

Law360, April 27, 2012, Friday – ILR School
NLRB To Target Gym Chain Over Class Waivers In Worker Pacts

Bloomberg Businessweek, April 26, 2012, Thursday – Louis Hyman
The First Time Mortgage-Backed Securities Failed

Los Angeles Times, April 26, 2012, Thursday – Hannah Rudstam
Unemployment is a special challenge for veterans

USA Today, April 25, 2012, Wednesday – Ron Ehrenberg
More schools vary tuition by major

NY Daily News, April 23, 2012, Monday – KC Wagner
Catcalling men targeted by new girl power team of lady pols and Boerum hill blogger maven, April 21, 2012, Saturday – Thomas Golden
Number of Americans on Disability up 53 Percent

Cincinnati City Beat, April 19, 2012, Thursday – Francine Blau and Larry Kahn
Kasich Office Shows Gender Wage Gap

Huffington Post, April 17, 2012, Tuesday – Francine Blau and Larry Kahn
Equal Pay Day: It's Time to Close the Earnings Gap

Marketplace, April 16, 2012, Monday – Marc Bayard
Supreme Court enters decades-old overtime debate

North, April 12, 2012, Thursday – Lee Adler
Port Authority moves to curb unions' bargaining powers

PolitiFact, April 11, 2012, Wednesday – Global Labor Institute
Keystone pipeline to employ 20,000

Inside Higher Ed, April 9, 2012, Monday – Ron Ehrenberg
Tuition Model Quietly Spreading

WorldatWork's workspan magazine, April 2012 – Kevin Hallock
Why Do We Tip?

Waste & Recycling News, April 2012 – Nellie Brown
Overlook safety at your peril

Insurance News Net, March 23, 2012, Friday – Employment and Disability Institute
Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee Hearing

Time Magazine, April 9, 2012, Monday – Linda Barrington and Kevin Hallock    
Is becoming a lawyer a bad investment?

Huffington Post
, April 4, 2012, Wednesday – Kate Bronfenbrenner
Expanding Title VII to Cover Union Organizing

Iowa City Press
, April 2, 2012, Monday – Lance Compa
To raise labor standards, foster immigrants' rights

The Chief
, April 2, 2012, Monday – Ken Margolies
TWU Leader Won't Disown 'Occupy' for Fare-Beating

The Journal News
, April 1, 2012, Sunday – Kevin Hallock
At Westchester Medical Center, executives get raises, others lose jobs

Rehabilitation Counseling Bulletin
, April 2012 – Arun Karpur and Susanne M. Bruyère
Health Care Expenditure Among People With Disabilities

March 2012

Reluctant Habits, March 27, 2012, Tuesday – Louis Hyman
The Bat Segundo Show: Louis Hyman

STL Today
, March 25, 2012, Sunday – Ron Ehrenberg
Colleges more often hiring part-timers

U.S. News & World Report, March 26, 2012, Monday Matthew Freedman
Where Jobs Are (and Aren't) Growing

Lab Manager Magazine, March 26, 2012, Monday Peter Bamberger (Smithers Institute)    
In Certain Jobs, Supervisor Support Can Reduce Absenteeism

The Chief, March 23, 2012, Friday Ken Margolies
TWU Westchester Bus Members Get 10% Hike But Take Health Hit      

Yale Daily News, March 23, 2012, Friday Joseph Grasso
Shared services gaining ground in higher education    

Marquette Tribune, March 22, 2012, Thursday Ron Ehrenberg
Visiting professor defends private school costs in lecture    

CBS News, March 22, 2012, Thursday Global Labor Institute
Face the facts: A fact check on gas prices    

Kent Reporter, March 19, 2012, Monday Lorraine Patterson (ILR Alumna)
City of Kent names new employee services director    

March 13, 2012, Tuesday Lowell Turner
Rebellious unions upend German order

The Wall Street Journal, March 10, 2012, Saturday Louis Hyman
Debt, the American Way    

WorldatWork's workspan magazine, March 2012 Kevin Hallock
Massive Kinked Bonuses 

ILR Newswire, March 8, 2012, Thursday – Jesse Stein (ILR Alumnus)    
United Realty Partners Appoints Senior Acquisition Team

Daily Finance, March 7, 2012, Wednesday – Ron Ehrenberg  
Why Public Universities Are Now a Bad Bargain for the Middle Class

MarketWatch, March 7, 2012, Wednesday – Peter Lazes    
Montefiore's Partnership With 1199 SEIU Improves Patient Care

The 99, March 7, 2012, Wednesday – Willy Franzen (ILR Alumnus)    
How The Internet Has Changed The Job Hunt

WSKG, March 6, 2012, Tuesday – Louis Hyman    
Borrow: The American Way of Debt

PR Newswire, March 6, 2012, Tuesday – Israel Hernandez (ILR Alumnus)    
MKM Partners Expands TMT Practice With Key Hires in Research, Sales & Trading

New York Times, March 3, 2012, Saturday – Tracy Dolgin (ILR Alumnus)    
How to Practice the Reverse Peter Principle

Newswise, March 2, 2012, Friday – Art Wheaton    
One Year Later, Impact of ‘Great Tohoku’ Quake Still Being Felt

PR Newswire, March 1, 2012, Thursday – Lance Compa 
Labor Law and Security Experts Testify About Workers' Rights Violations at Loomis

February 2012

Bloomberg Businessweek, February 28, 2012, Tuesday – Rebecca Givan
Growing Home Care Industry May Have to Raise Pay

AOL Jobs, February 28, 2012, Tuesday – Risa Lieberwitz      
Restaurant Workers Group Targets Darden In Race-Discrimination Lawsuit

The Daily Mail, February 24, 2012, Friday – Harry Katz
NY looks to reform laws governing nonprofits

Los Angeles Times, February 22, 2012, Wednesday – Richard Hurd
Union forges a new alliance with carwash workers

Benzinga, February 21, 2012, Tuesday – Louis Hyman     
Louis Hyman, Author of Borrowed, Sees Fundamental Flaws in the American Economy

Marin Independent Journal
, February, 17, 2012, Friday – Peter Lazes
Labor-management partnership lauded at Kaiser Permanente in San Rafael

U.S. Official News
, February 16, 2012, Thursday – Harry Katz    
A.G. Schneiderman Announces Bold Plan to Revitalize and Reform New York's Nonprofit Sector

Energy & Commerce Committee, February 15, 2012, Wednesday – John Abowd    
Where the Jobs Are: Employment Trends and Analysis

, February 14, 2012, Tuesday – Lara Skinner    
Keystone’s Thousands of Jobs Fall to 20 When Pipeline Opens

Wisconsin State Journal, February 12, 2012, Sunday – Ileen DeVault
About 500 turn out to mark beginning of fight

Huffington Post
, February 10, 2012, Friday – Ron Ehrenberg
'Free Market' Will Lead to Lower Tuition? Good Luck.

Wilson Elsner News
, February 7, 2012, Tuesday – Abhishek Gupta (ILR Alumnus)
CPR Institute Presents Harold Moskowitz with Distinguished Service Award

Queens Tribune, February 9, 2012, Thursday – Rebecca Givan
Nurses, Hospital Avert Strike

WFIN-AM, February 7, 2012, Tuesday -  Ken Margolies
Cooper Lockout: How Negotiations Work

VT Digger, February 6, 2012, Monday -  Peter Lazes
Union-management partnership at Fletcher Allen Health Care improves patient care

National Bureau of Economic Research, February 3, 2012, Friday – Francine Blau and Lawrence Kahn
Culture and Norms Affect Immigrant Women's Work

New York Times, February 1, 2012, Wednesday – Louis Hyman   
The House That George Romney Built

ABC News, February 1, 2012, Wednesday – Linda Barrington   
Federal Government Pay Tops Businesses: CBO Report

The American Prospect, February 1, 2012, Wednesday – Jeff Cowie
Where Indiana Goes, So Goes the Nation

WorldatWork's workspan magazine, February 2012 – Kevin Hallock   
Go Big – The Firm-Size Pay (and Pay-Mix) Effect

January 2012

Bloomberg BNA
, January 30, 2012, Monday – Judy Young   
Taking the Pulse on the ADA Amendments Act

NY Daily News, January 29, 2011, Sunday – Louis Hyman
The powerful illusion of thrift

The Telegraph, January 27, 2012, Friday – Jack Goncalo
Power makes people feel taller    

YNN, January 18, 2012, Wednesday – Art Wheaton
Gas prices at all-time January high

Fortune, January 25, 2012, Wednesday – Michael Serino
Internal competition at work: Worth the trouble?

In These Times, January 24, 2012, Tuesday – Kate Bronfenbrenner
Center for Union Facts Steps Up $10 Million Ad Campaign Backing Broad Anti-Union Bill

The Maine Campus, January 19, 2012, Thursday – Ron Ehrenberg
Part-time faculty union to enter mediation with system over contract

Los Angeles Times, January 17, 2012, Tuesday – Sean Sweeney
New ads reignite fight over Keystone XL jobs figures

The Courier
, January 17, 2012, Tuesday – Harry Katz
NFL Players Association urges Cooper to end worker lockout

Business News Daily
, January 17, 2012, Tuesday – Jack Goncalo
Power Makes People Feel Taller

, January 14, 2012, Saturday – Louis Hyman
The evolution of American debt

New York Times
, January 13, 2012, Friday – John Abowd
New Laws Now Evaluated by Job Creation

CQ Researcher
, January 13, 2012, Friday – Ken Margolies
'Occupy' Movement

Times Ledger, January 13, 2012, Friday – Ken Margolies      
Nurses slam Flushing Hospital for suspending pension

WBEN, January 11, 2012, Wednesday – Art Wheaton      

In These Times, January 10, 2012, Tuesday – Kate Bronfenbrenner     
With Romney’s Backing, New Hampshire GOP Pushes Right to Work Again

Reuters, January 6, 2012, Friday – John Abowd
Economist reflects on the nation's current job landscape

The New York Times, January 6, 2012, Friday – Alex Colvin     
Labor Board Backs Workers on Joint Arbitration Cases

The Nation, January 4, 2012, Wednesday – Lance Compa   
Labor Takes Aim at Walmart—Again

Daily Mail, January 3, 2012, Tuesday – Jack Goncalo   
Powerful people think they're taller than they really are, claim researchers

WorldatWork's workspan magazine, January 2012 – Kevin Hallock
Nothing Lasts Forever - A Different Way to Structure Severance

Clear Waters, January 2012 – Nellie Brown 
Shift Work and Working Long Hours: Risks and Risk Reduction