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Listed below are highlights of ILR Alumni, Faculty, Staff, and Students in the news.   

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July - December 2011        

December 2011

Bloomberg, December 21, 2011, Wednesday – Ron Ehrenberg
Cornell’s $350 Million Donor Feeney Plans to Give It All Away

USA Today, December 21, Wednesday – Kate Bronfenbrenner
Labor board approves controversial union election rules, December 21, 2011, Wednesday – Lance Compa    
Littler Heads South of the Border With Acquisition of 24 Mexican Lawyers

Inside Higher Ed, December 20, 2011, Tuesday – Ron Ehrenberg    
The Lure of the City

The Wall Street Journal, December 19, 2011, Monday – Ken Margolies   
For MTA, Union: Go Signs

Bloomberg, December 16, 2011, Friday – Louis Hyman     
How Did World War II End the Great Depression?: Echoes

NPR, December 14, 2011, Wednesday – Sean Sweeney   
Just How Many Jobs Would The Keystone Pipeline Create?

Yahoo! Finance Australia, December 13, 2011, Tuesday – Beth Livingston   
Hey, you! Mean people earn more, study finds

Left Eye on Books, December 13, 2011, Tuesday – Jeff Cowie   
New Books Examine the Trajectory of Labor in the United States in the Seventies

New York Times, December 12, 2011, Monday – ILR Global Labor Institute     
Keystone Claptrap

Democrat and Chronicle, December 11, 2011, Sunday – Kate Bronfenbrenner   
'Mess' foreseen with postal facility closures

In These Times, December 9, 2011, Friday – Richard Hurd
A String of Slaughterhouse Successes for UFCW

Business Insider, December 9, 2011,Friday – Beth Livingston
Who makes more money: nice people or mean people?

In These Times, December 6, 2011,Tuesday – Richard Hurd    
A String of Slaughterhouse Successes for UFCW

Minneapolis Star Tribune, December 2, 2011, Friday – Ron Ehrenberg
U of M business school seeks higher tuition for its undergraduates

The Pelican Post, December 1, 2011,Thursday – Francine Blau and Larry Kahn    
Study Alleges Louisiana Has Largest Male-Female Wage Gap In U.S.

Sustainable Population Australia, December 2011 – Vernon Briggs    
The US economic downturn and its immigration policies

WorldatWork's workspan magazine, December 2011 – Kevin Hallock    
Is There Deadweight Loss in Holiday Rewards?

November 2011

USA Today,
November 27, 2011, Sunday – Jeff Cowie    
Good life harder to get, keep

The CT Mirror, November 25, 2011, Friday -  Louis Hyman
A U.S. senator gives layaway advice on Black Friday

BioCycle, November 2011 – Nellie Brown
Worker Safety in Confined Spaces

CNBC, November 22, 2011, Tuesday -  Louis Hyman
This Holiday Season - Lay off the Layaway

The Huffington Post, November 22, 2011,Tuesday Kate Bronfenbrenner    
GOP and Chamber of Commerce's War Over the Bulletin Board

Deseret News, November 17, 2011, Thursday ILR Global Labor Institute
Postponing the pipeline    

Lucky Magazine,
November 17, 2011, Thursday – Louis Hyman    
Should You Try Layaway?

Insight Into Diversity, November 15, 2011, Tuesday – Laura Hertzog     
Cultural Differences: Bridging the Gap

The Wall Street Journal, November 11, 2011, Friday – Gary Fields      
Economic Mobility Stats Are Moving Target

Marketplace, November 11, 2011, Friday – Marc Bayard
Some cities asking Occupy protesters to clear out    

CNN Money,
November 10, 2011, Thursday – ILR Global Labor Institute      
Keystone pipeline delayed by Obama until 2013

Ag Alert, November 9, 2011, Wednesday – Nellie Brown      
Safety Training About Manure and Digesters

Philadelphia Inquirer, November 7, 2011, Friday – Ron Ehrenberg
Will Penn State president survive the Sandusky scandal?

New Republic, November 8, 2011, Tuesday – Jeff Cowie
Beyond Ohio: Why Public Sector Unions Need to Show Solidarity for Private Sector Workers

Fox News
, November 5, 2011, Saturday – Lee Adler
Eyes of nation on Ohio vote on union-limiting law    

ABC News, November 3, 2011, Thursday – Linda Barrington
Poverty Rate Doubled in the Midwestern Rust Belt Over Past Decade    

WNYC, November 2, 2011, Wednesday – Becky Givan
Nurses Vote on Possible Strike to Break Negotiating Deadlock    

KGO Newstalk, November 2, 2011, Wednesday – Ken Margolies
Oakland Discussion    

Reuters, November 2, 2011, Wednesday – Beth Livingston
Bank of America employees flood bank's rivals with resumes    

HR Magazine UK, November 1, 2011, Tuesday – Pat Wright
Is a move from HR director to chief executive a bridge too far?    

WorldatWork's workspan magazine, November 2011 – Kevin Hallock
Pay System Gender Neutrality    

October 2011

NPR, October 31, 2011, Monday – Rick Hurd
Unions Assume A Support Role For Occupy Movement    

The Washington Post, October 28, 2011, Friday – Ron Ehrenberg
Chart of the day: College tuition is out of control    

CNN Money, October 26, 2011, Wednesday – Kevin Hallock
Fortune 500 board members get a sweet raise    

ENR New York, October 13, 2011, Sunday – ILR School
Study: PLAs with Community Workforce Provisions on the Rise 

Bloomberg, October 27, 2011, Thursday – Art Wheaton
Chrysler Group’s UAW Members Approve Four-Year Labor Contract

AOL Jobs, October 25, 2011, Tuesday – ILR School     
Construction Projects Can Help Rebuild America's Shattered Middle Class

The Chronicle of Higher Education, October 25, 2011, Tuesday – Brian Rubineau
Lack of Confidence as Professionals Spurs Women to Leave Engineering

Wall Street Journal, October 24, 2011, Monday – Chris Collins
Boomerang Employees

WBEZ, October 19, 2011, Wednesday – Richard Hurd   
United Auto Workers vote 'yes' to Ford contract

CNN, October 18, 2011, Tuesday – John Bunge    
Solar energy industry posts record growth, despite Solyndra collapse

Wall Street Journal, October 17, 2011, Monday – Harry Katz
'Yes' Vote Likely on Ford Pact

Yale Daily News, October 16, 2011, Sunday – Ron Ehrenberg
Return on endowment rivals peers

Marketplace, October 12, 2011, Wednesday – Alex Colvin
Chrysler reaches tentative deal with UAW

The New York Times, October 11, 2011, Tuesday – Louis Hyman
Laid Flat by Layaway

The Wall Street Journal, October 11, 2011, Tuesday – Brad Bell
Employees Alone Together

Minnesota Public Radio, October 10, 2011, Monday – Kate Bronfenbrenner
Union seeks to resume talks with American Crystal

AFL-CIO News Blog, October 7, 2011, Friday – ILR School   
Study Finds Project Labor Agreements Open Doors to Middle Class Jobs

Los Angeles Times, October 6, 2011, Thursday – Sean Sweeney/Global Labor Institute
No to the Keystone XL pipeline

NPR, October 5, 2011, Wednesday – Richard Hurd      
Sandy Pope Tries To Unseat Hoffa As Teamsters Head

Bloomberg, October 3, 2011, Monday – Art Wheaton
Marchionne Risking Chrysler Arbitration Over Labor Union Contract: Cars

Restaurant Hospitality, October 3, 2011, Monday – Louis Pechman (ILR Alumnus)
How To Avoid Tip-Related Lawsuits

The Chronicle of Higher Education, October 2, 2011, Sunday – Ron Ehrenberg   
As Chancellor Focuses on the 'Public Good,' Syracuse's Reputation Slides

WorldatWork's workspan magazine, October 2011 – Kevin Hallock  
Does More Education Cause Higher Earnings?

September 2011

CNN Money, September 30, 2011, Friday – Global Labor Institute   
U.S. to decide the Keystone XL pipeline's fate

WNY Labor Today, September 30, 2011, Friday – Art Wheaton   
Western New York Apollo Alliance’s Weatherization Effort

The New York Times, September 28, 2011, Wednesday – Rebecca Givan   
As State Issues Layoff Notices, Union’s Leaders Stand by Vote Against a Contract

Human Resource Executive Online, September 27, 2011, Tuesday – Pat Wright   
HR's Struggle to Find Successors

Los Angeles Times, September 27, 2011, Tuesday – Jeff Cowie   
On the Media: It's time for America to talk class

The Australian, September 22, 2011, Thursday – Brian Rubineau
Giving the hard hat away: why women engineers quit

Clean Technica, September 22, 2011, Thursday – John Bunge
US Solar Industry Adds Jobs at 6.8% Pace

The Wall Street Journal, September 21, 2011, Wednesday – Kevin Hallock  
Even Hints of Layoffs Decay Morale

Forbes, September 20, 2011, Tuesday – Beth Livingston   
Mean Girls Make More Money

Memphis Commercial Appeal, September 18, 2011, Sunday – Jefferson Cowie  
RCA came to Memphis promising thousands of jobs, left 5 years later

Inside Higher Ed, September 16, 2011, Friday – Ron Ehrenberg   
Where Universities Can Be Cut

Time, September 15, 2011, Thursday – Art Wheaton     
Come Again? American Auto Workers Get Signing Bonuses?

HR Magazine, September 15, 2011, Tuesday – Pat Wright   
HR Most Influential 2011

MarketWatch, September 14, 2011, Wednesday – John Hausknecht     
Job seekers, get ready for personality tests

HR Magazine, September 13, 2011, Tuesday – Susanne Bruyere   
Experts: Prepare Now for Aging Workforce

Men's Health, September 7, 2011, Wednesday – Jack Goncalo   
Convince Your Co-workers

CNNMoney, September 2, 2011, Friday – Richard Hurd     
Not quite the union label

NPR, September 1, 2011, Thursday – Kate Bronfenbrenner     
Labor's Criticism Of Obama Grows Louder

WorldatWork's workspan magazine, September 2011 – Kevin Hallock     
Say on Pay and Compensation Design

August 2011

Mail & Guardian, August 30, 2011, Tuesday – ILR School   
Diversity leads to better companies

Reuters, August 29, 2011, Monday -  Harry Katz    
Verizon seen winning healthcare union fight, August 26, 2011, Friday – Ron Ehrenberg  
Thrift in store for US research

CNNMoney, August 24, 2011, Wednesday – Harry Katz
Unions Fight for Survival

Cincinnati Enquirer, August 24, 2011, Wednesday – Rebecca Givan   
Unions, pay your bosses

Boston Globe, August 22, 2011, Monday – Gene Carroll   
Verizon workers end their walkout

Democrat and Chronicle, August 21, 2011, Sunday – Lee Adler    
In N.Y., labor deals get done with little acrimony

Buffalo News, August 19, 2011, Friday – Art Wheaton   
American Axle closing last plant here

Washington Examiner, August 19, 2011, Friday – Ron Ehrenberg    
Overtime a 'cost of doing business', August 18, 2011, Thursday – Ken Margolies   
NY-union deal shows power of compromise

The Huffington Post, August 17, 2011, Tuesday – Beth Livingston  
Nice Women Finish Last At Work, Study Says

WorldatWork's workspan magazine, August 2011 – Kevin Hallock
Lessons in Compensation Design from the Farm   

CNN, August 17, 2011, Wednesday – Beth Livingston
Nice guys earn less, study finds

The New York Times, August 16, 2011, Tuesday – Richard Hurd 
In Albany, a Labor Pact Without Attacks on Unions

WNYC, August 15, 2011, Monday – Ken Margolies   
CSEA Union Set to Announce Results on Contract Vote

The Buffalo News, August 14, 2011, Sunday – Lee Adler  
Striking Verizon workers vow to put up a tough fight

Union-Sun & Journal, August 13, 2011, Saturday – Art Wheaton
Business Partners

The Washington Post, August 12, 2011, Friday – Kate Bronfenbrenner   
Postal Service proposal to break contracts blasted by unions

Kansas City infoZone, August 11, 2011, Thursday – Nick Salvatore  
Graduate Students Split on Campus Unionization

Boston Globe, August 10, 2011, Wednesday – Gene Carroll   
Verizon union members say strike worth hardship

The Wall Street Journal, August 9, 2011, Tuesday – Harry Katz   
Verizon Strike Turns Nasty

City Journal, August 8, 2011, Monday – Francine Blau and Lawrence Kahn   
Why the Gender Gap Won't Go Away. Ever.

NPR, August 6, 2011, Saturday – Linda Barrington   
Jobless Numbers Don't Tell The Whole Story

Timesunion, August 3, 2011, Wednesday – Lee Adler   
Does state have a backdoor way to layoffs?

July 2011

Diversity MBA Magazine, July 22, 2011, Friday – Laura Hertzog   
Diversity MBA Magazine names 2011 Diverse Executive & Emerging Leaders

Atlanta Business Chronicle, July 29, 2011, Friday – Laura Hertzog   
Work remains in achieving diverse workforce

NPR Marketplace, July 18, 2011, Monday – Kate Bronfenbrenner
Talks start over union elections

WHCU -AM, July 26, 2011, Tuesday – Alex Colvin
Debt Ceiling Negotiations

The New York Times, July 26, 2011, Tuesday – George Yorgakaros (ILR Alumnus)
Avoiding the Next Sports Lockout

Times Union, July 20, 2011, Wednesday – Lee Adler
For state, labor deals fall short

The, July 20, 2011, Wednesday – Linda Barrington
The Case for Making Wages Public: Better Pay, Better Workers

Denver Post, July 19, 2011, Tuesday – Kate Bronfenbrenner 
Statement by the United Food and Commercial Workers International Union Regarding the Proposed NLRB Rule to Modernize the Union Election Process

Times Union, July 19, 2011, Tuesday – Rebecca Givan
Needs collide in pact offer

The Post-Standard, July 17, 2011, Sunday – Eddie Rooker (ILR Alumnus) 
Starting Young; 20-Something Ithaca Councilors Attend White House Summit

Human Resource Executive Online, July 12, 2011, Tuesday – Dave Lipsky
Strategic Resolve

Louisville Courier-Journal, July 11, 2011, Monday – Richard Hurd    
Louisville Orchestra offer hits sour note with players, July 10, 2011, Sunday – Kevin Hallock    
10 middle-class jobs that are rapidly vanishing

AOL Jobs, July 8, 2011, Friday – Laura Hertzog      
Many American Workers Afraid to Take Vacation

Buffalo News, July 8, 2011, Friday – Art Wheaton    
American Axle pressures last local plant to cut costs

The Moral Liberal, July 5, 2011, Tuesday – John Bishop     
Coming Soon: The Federal Department of Standardized Minds

The Washington Post, July 5, 2011, Tuesday – Fred Kotler      
Airports board criticized for labor deal on Dulles rail

New York Times, July 2, 2011, Saturday – Laura Hertzog    
To Foster Diversity, Paint the Big Picture

Yahoo News, July 2, 2011, Saturday – Diane Burton     
NYers ask how gay marriage will affect benefits

New York Post, July 1, 2011, Friday – Ron Ehrenberg      
How 'prestige' colleges slap students

Workforce Management, July 1, 2011, Friday – John Haggerty     
Stocks sizzle when staff goals set, but some skeptical

MyScience, July 1, 2011, Friday – Lisa Nishii    
ILR School researcher looks at ’tight’ and ’loose’ cultures

WorldatWork's workspan magazine, July 2011 – Kevin Hallock
Linking Compensation and Job Losses During a Recession