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Listed below are highlights of ILR Alumni, Faculty, Staff, and Students in the news.   

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January - June 2011   

June 2011

The Huffington Post, June 29, 2011, Wednesday – Kate Bronfenbrenner    
Union-Busting Tactics More Pervasive Than Previously Thought: Study

The Post-Standard, June 28, 2011, Tuesday – Matthew Freedman    
Syracuse area economy: 8,000 fewer people at work, or looking, than in 2009

The Dominion Post, June 27, 2011, Monday – Francine Blau and Larry Kahn   
Stop blaming women for the continuing inequality in pay

Crains New York, June 26, 2011, Sunday – Jeff Grabelsky     
Crane strike looms as contract deadline nears

Democrat and Chronicle, June 25, 2011, Saturday – Kevin Hallock     
CEO pay at U.S. companies has taken off again

Forbes, June 24, 2011, Friday – Francine Blau     
America’s Most Sexist Jobs

BNA, June 23, 2011, Thursday – Fred Kotler     
Cornell University Study Supports Use of Project Labor Agreements

The Washington Post, June 22, 2011, Wednesday – Kate Bronfenbrenner     
A good case against Boeing

Forbes, June 22, 2011, Wednesday – Kevin Hallock    
Disappearing Middle-Class Jobs

The Huffington Post, June 21, 2011, Tuesday – Sally Klingel 
Americans To Teachers And School Districts: Stop Fighting And Start Teaching

MarketWatch, June 16, 2011, Thursday – Kevin Hallock
Your well-paid, middle-class job is in danger

Reuters, June 15, 2011, Wednesday – John Bishop
Analysis: tax cut for employers no panacea for jobs

Reuters, June 15, 2011, Wednesday – Kate Bronfenbrenner
Strike deadline looms at Macy's New York flagship

Newsday, June 13, 2011, Monday – Lee Adler
In an era of aid cuts and tax protests, law enforcement dominates the county's payrolls

WBEN, June 13, 2011, Monday – Art Wheaton
Climate in healthcare

AFL-CIO, June 9, 2011, Thursday – Jeff Cowie
Academics, Activists Search for New Ways to Revitalize Labor Movement

Deseret Morning News, June 7, 2011, Tuesday – ILR School
A look back in time at 1911

WorldatWork's workspan magazine, June 2011 – Kevin Hallock
Does That Pay Practice Really Have Any Impact?

AOL Jobs, May 23, 2011, Monday – Laura Hertzog
Facebook Suit Highlights Employers' Misunderstanding of Labor Laws

Workforce Magazine, May 2011 – John Haggerty 
Be Careful What You Ask For or Measure!

The Star (South Africa), June 03, 2011, Friday – Alex Colvin    
Public policy on sex harassment fails to cut it, June 1, 2011, Wednesday – Ken Carrig (CAHRS Advisory Board)    
SunTrust Names Corporate Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer

California Special Education Alert, June 1, 2011, Wednesday – Nancy Hinkley    
Support students with autism as they gain work experience

May 2011

Buffalo News, May 30, 2011, Monday – Lou Jean Fleron     
More struggle to attain economic security

History News Network, May 27, 2011, Friday – Jeff Cowie    
Writing History in an Age of Inequality

Strategy + Business, May 24, 2011, Tuesday – Jack Goncalo     
Is Creativity a Bad Trait for a Senior Leader?

CounterPunch, May 20, 2011, Friday – Kate Bronfenbrenner 
Labor Board Rules for Workers, Conservatives Freak Out

MarketWatch, May 17, 2011, Tuesday – Kevin Hallock     
Companies tie more of workers’ pay to performance

AOL Jobs, May 16, 2011, Monday – Alex Colvin     
Canada's Economic Miracle: How Our Northern Neighbor Avoided Economic Calamity, May 13, 2011, Friday – Andrew Brown (ILR Alumnus)    
Friedman Schuman Augments Litigation Practice

Inside Higher Ed, May 11, 2011, Wednesday – Ron Ehrenberg     
Examining the AAU Gatekeepers

Plain Dealer, May 7, 2011, Saturday – Kate Bronfenbrenner    
Rite Aid workers strike to keep current health coverage

Diversity MBA Magazine, Spring 2011 – Laura Hertzog   
Generational Diversity In Today's Workplace

Lou Jean Fleron - May 1, 2011 Sunday
"Scary times for workers in lockout"
Buffalo News

Ronald Ehrenberg - May 1, 2001 Sunday
"What Good Do Faculty Unions Do? Research sheds little light on quantifiable benefits of collective bargaining"
The Chronicle of Higher Education

Kevin Hallock - May 2011
"Pay Ratio and Inequality"
WorldatWork's Workspan Magazine

April 2011

Joe Scantlebury (ILR Alumnus) - April 30, 2011 Saturday
"Gates Foundation exec speaks at Livingstone "
Salisbury Post

Kate Bronfenbrenner - April 29, 2011 Friday
"Wis. AFL Wimps Out on Boycotts"
The Progressive

Francine Blau - April 28, 2011 Thursday
"Female Doctors Face A $2.3 Million Wage Gap"

Richard Hurd - April 26, 2011 Tuesday
"Reform meets immovable object ... teachers union"
OC Register

Dennis Merriam (ILR Alumnus) - April 22, 2011 Friday
"Kane Is Able Names Dennis Merriam Vice President of Human Resources"
American Banking News

Francine Blau - April 20, 2011 Wednesday
"The Best-Paying Jobs For Women In 2011"

Rick Hurd - April 20, 2011 Wednesday
"TSA airport screeners at Newark airport, elsewhere vote to form collective bargaining unit"
The Star Ledger

Art Wheaton - April 15, 2011 Friday
"Toyota Troubles"

Peter Lazes - April 10, 2011 Sunday
The Berkshire Eagle

Art Wheaton - April 9, 2011 Saturday
"Volunteers ready homes for summer"
WIVB Channel 4

Ronald Ehrenberg - April 7, 2011 Thursday
"Simmons’ approval rating down 12 percent"
The Brown Daily Herald

Kate Bronfenbrenner - April 7, 2011 Thursday
"Unions merely try to protect workers"
Post Bulletin

Kevin Hallock - April 2011
WorldatWork's workspan magazine

March 2011

Ken Margolies - March 30, 2011 Wednesday
"Stop blaming unions for deficits"
Innovation Trail

Arthur Wheaton - March 28, 2011 Monday
"GM's Stock Price Falters as Company Revisits Failed Strategies"

Kate Bronfenbrenner - March 26, 2011 Saturday
"Wal-Mart faces major class action employee discrimination suit"

Harry Katz - March 26, 2011 Saturday
"Unions, families of victims remember the Triangle fire"
Washington Square News

Arthur Wheaton - March 25, Friday
"UAW official sees callback of laid-off GM workers No confirmation from automaker"
Buffalo News

Curtis Lyons - March 25, 2011 Friday
"Remembering New York's Deadliest Factory Fire"

Chris Collins - March 23, 2011 Saturday
"Powerhouse economies lure staff"
Financial Times

Matthew Freedman - March 21, 2011 Monday
"The Sorry State of America's Wage Earners"
Daily Finance

Kheel Center - March 21, 2011 Monday
"Remembering the Triangle Fire, 100 Years Later"
New York Times

Ron Ehrenberg - March 20, 2011 Sunday
"What's All the Fuss About? Labor Relations Terminology Explained"
AOL News

Alex Colvin - March 17, 2011 Thursday
"State worker strikes: rare but momentous"

Lee Adler - March 16, 2011 Wednesday
"For Bangladeshi Garment Workers, It Is Still 1911"
The Jewish Daily Forward

John Bishop - March 16, 2011 Wednesday
"Superintendents resist pay cap"
The Post-Standard (Syracuse, NY)

Maria Cook and Francine Blau - March 16, 2011 Wednesday
"Don't blame immigrants for taking most jobs, Berkeley economist tells Cornell audience"
Ithaca Journal

Art Wheaton
- March 15, 2011 Tuesday
"N.Y. State workers facing benefit envy; Private-sector employees' anger over perks for government jobs may hit pay, pension"
Buffalo News

John Hausknecht - March 14, 2011 Monday
"In Search of an HR Analytics Culture"
Human Resource Executive Online

Lee Adler - March 12, 2011 Saturday
"Q&A: The Labor Legacy of the Triangle Fire"
The Wall Street Journal

Rebecca Givan
- March 11, 2011 Friday
"Wisconsin's Walker: Union Man of the Year"
CNN Money

Richard Hurd - March 11, 2011 Friday
"Wisconsin measure advances Bill to limit union power goes to governor over boos, chants"
St. Louis Post-Dispatch (Missouri)

Rebecca Givan - March 10, 2011 Thursday
"Scrutinizing a Governor's Statements"
The New York Times

ILR School - March 8, 2011 Tuesday
"The Triangle Factory Fire Centennial and Why It Matters Today"
The Huffington Post

Vernon Briggs - March 7, 2011 Monday
"Illegal Immigration and the Dilemma of American Unions"
History News Network

James Gross
- March 7, 2011 Monday
"NFL's millionaires vs. billionaires: Why care?"

Ronald Ehrenberg and Jeff Cowie - March 7, 2011 Monday
"More Than Money"
Inside Higher Ed

Randi Weingarten (ILR Alumna) and Rebecca Givan - March 7, 2011 Monday
"Teacer Security Blanket May Shred as Governors Hit 'Ignorance Factories'"

Harry Katz - March 5, 2011 Saturday
"Organized Labor Hopes Attacks by Some States Help Nurture Comeback"
The New York Times

Kate Bronfenbrenner - March 3, 2011 Thursday
"Union leader: Wisconsin fight energizing unions"

Richard Hurd and Randi Weingarten (ILR Alumna) - March 3, 2011 Thursday
The Diane Rehm Show

Richard Hurd
- March 3, 2011 Thursday
"Labor standoffs are part of larger fight over schools"
The Washington Post

Ileen Devault - March 2, 2011 Wednesday
"Big labor's last stand in the U.S."
Japan Today

Kate Bronfenbrenner
- March 2, 2011 Wednesday
"AFL-CIO leader: Wisconsin fight energizing unions"
Associated Press Financial Wire

ILR School
- March 2, 2011 Wednesday
"State Cuts Have Minimal Effects on ILR"
Cornell Daily Sun

Employment and Disability Institute - March 1, 2011 Tuesday
"Website Fosters Hiring of Workers With Disabilities"
BNA Daily Labor Report

Vernon Briggs
- March 1, 2011 Tuesday
"How liberalism can survive the collapse of union power"

Kevin Hallock - March 2011
"Motivating with Efficiency Wages and Delayed Payments"
WorldatWork's workspan magazine

February 2011

Rebecca Givan - February 28, 2011 Monday
"People@Work: Wisconsin Picks the Wrong Scapegoat for Its Budget Woes"

Sally Klingel
- February 28, 2011 Monday
"Pay freezes or not? A tough question for Central New York school districts like Syracuse and Auburn"
The Post Standard

Richard Hurd - February 28, 2011 Monday
"Recent Developments in Labor Relations"
Illinois Public Radio WILL AM 580

Linda Donohue - February 27, 2011 Sunday
"Voices from the ashes"
Democrat and Chronicle

Gene Carroll - February 27, 2011 Sunday
"Could a general strike happen here? Experts say maybe"
Wisconsin State Journal 

Ron Ehrenberg - February 26, 2011 Saturday
"Are Elite Colleges Worth It? Cornell economics professor weighs the value of higher education"
Ithaca Times

Larry Kahn
- February 26, 2011 Saturday
"Labor Strife Is A Different Game In Pro Sports"

Ilene Devault
- February 25, 2011 Friday
"Unions vs. Wisconsin's Gov."
WHCU News Talk

Alex Colvin
- February 24, 2011 Thursday
"Why We Should Debate Public-Sector Bargaining"

Richard Hurd
- February 24, 2011 Thursday
"Public unions arrive at a critical moment"

Lee Adler
- February 24, 2011 Thursday
"Meanwhile, in New York... The governor’s showdown is more subtle"
The Economist

Lowell Turner
- February 23, 2011 Wednesday
The Lisa Wexler Show

Richard Hurd
- February 22, 2011 Tuesday
"Across U.S., Unions Fight To Keep Bargaining Rights"

Jack Goncalo - February 22, 2011 Tuesday
"Creativity May Not Advance Your Career"
The Post Standard

Francine Blau
- February 22, 2011 Tuesday
"Gender pay gap's closing stalled"
Ithaca Journal

Curtis Lyons - February 21, 2011 Monday
"A Century Later, the Roll of the Dead In a Factory Fire Now Has All 146 Names"
The New York Times

Sam Bacharach
- February 19, 2011 Saturday
"Leadership Drives Dialogue at Enterprise Learning Summit in DC"
American Banking and Market News

Ron Ehrenberg - February 18, 2011 Friday
"Scandals hound Corp. members"
The Brown Daily Herald

Kevin Hallock
- February 17, 2011 Thursday
"Bonuses are crucial to performance"
The Daily Telegraph (London)

David Morris (ILR Alumnus) - February 17, 2011
"The Superbowl Is Over, But the Biggest Fight in Football Is About to Kick off"

Rebecca Givan - February 17, 2011 Thursday
"Wisconsin Protests: State Police Pursue Democratic Lawmakers Boycotting Vote"
The Huffington Post

Richard Hurd - February 17, 2011 Thursday
"In Wisconsin, Pension Cut Vote Stalls on Dem Walkout"
ABC News

John Bishop
- February 17, 2011 Thursday
"Twitter and Jobs"

Hannah Rudstam
- February 14, 2011 Monday
"The Tough Job of Getting Disabled Veterans Back to Work"
Daily Finance

Kevin Hallock
- February 11, 2011 Friday
"Bonuses are crucial to performance; Restricting the incentive payout could undermine the UK's competitiveness"
The Daily Telegraph (London)

Harry Katz
- February 10, 2011 Thursday
"Collective bargaining requires patience for the plays to develop"
San Diego Union Tribune

Linda Barrington - February 8, 2011 Tuesday
"Labor market improving or lagging?"

Laura Hertzog - February 8, 2011 Tuesday
"Successful Conversations About Diversity In the Workplace"
HR Tools

Jack Goncalo
- February 6, 2011 Sunday
"Too Creative to be a Leader? Really?"

Kevin Hallock
- February 2011

January 2011

Alex Colvin - January 23, 2011 Sunday
"Teacher contract negotiations will likely hinge on health benefits, experts say"
The Times-Tribune (Scranton, Pennsylvania)

Kate Bronfenbrenner - January 22, 2011 Saturday
"New Faces Appear at Bargaining Table"
The Wall Street Journal

Samuel Bacharach
- January 20, 2011 Thursday
"Office Politics - Survival of the Savvy"

Richard Hurd
- January 20, 2011 Thursday
"Public-Worker Unions Battle U.S. Governors Over Benefits in Change of Role"

Ron Ehrenberg
- January 16, 2011 Huffington Post
"Higher Education Legislative Priorities: An Open Letter to Newly Elected Representatives and Senators"
Huffington Post

Hannah Rudstam
- January 14, 2011 Friday
"U.S. Companies Getting Better at Hiring Veterans but Need Help to Reach Those With Disabilities"

Linda Barrington
- January 13, 2011 Thursday
"Tense time for workers, as career paths fade away"
USA Today

Arthur Wheaton - January 11, 2011 Tuesday
"Another Safety Problem for BMW: X5s That Catch Fire"
Daily Finance

Sean Sweeney
- January 3, 2011 Monday
"CU educator cites gains at climate talks"
Ithaca Journal

Melissa Bjelland - January 5, 2011 Wednesday
"Studies from Cornell University have provided new data on occupational rehabilitation"
Biotech Week

Ron Ehrenberg - January 4, 2011 Tuesday
"States Luring Veteran Professors to Retire as Budget Cuts Loom"