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Daily News for Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Selected by the Catherwood Library Reference Staff each Monday through Friday, excluding University holidays, WIT is a free alert service, providing abstracts and links to workplace-related news stories covered in the major media. Subscribe to WIT »

Established in 1999, this service also includes a searchable archive.

Nurses with U of I Agree on Three-Year Contract to Raise Wages

On Monday night, nurses with the University of Illinois Hospital agreed on a three-year contract in which their wages would increase 2.25 to 3.6 percent each year. The contract has not been ratified through a vote, but the union has put their support behind it. The hospital claims that the nurses were initially demanding a raise of 19.7 percent over a three-year period.

See “U of I Nurses Reach Tentative Labor Accord,” by Alejandra Cancino, Chicago Tribune, Oct 22 2014 (SEB)

South Africa Faces Lowest Growth Forecast Since 2009 Recession

Initially in February, the South African government predicted the country’s economic growth to be 2.7 percent. It has just lowered the number to 1.4 percent, the lowest level seen since the recession the country faced in 2009. This year the country faced strikes and work stoppages that led the government to lower the predicted economic growth.

See “South Africa Cuts Growth Forecast to 1.4% Worst Since Recession,” by Rene Vollgraaff, Business Week, Oct 22 2014 (SEB)

Japanese Company Cancels California Plant Construction after Union Conflicts

A company from Osaka, Japan, Kinkisharyo International, holds a contract with the Metropolitan Transportation Authority to build 175 light-rail cars for $890 million. The Japanese company has cancelled plans to build its own plant in Palmale, CA after it faced numerous conflicts with local unions who claimed the proposed plant violated numerous environmental laws. The company will be looking for new sites outside of California.

See “Union Demands Driving Railcar Jobs out of California, Japanese Firm Says,” by Laura J. Nelson, Los Angeles Times, Oct 22 2014 (SEB)

See Oct 22 2014 (SEB)