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Access to the resources described under the "Databases" link at the left is restricted to the ILR School, Catherwood Library and/or designated Reference workstations within Catherwood.  Many are available via links on the desktops of Catherwood computers. A few require passwords or are only available on CD-ROM.  Please ask at the Reference desk for assistance.



Catherwood Library only

Ask for assistance at the Reference Desk.  Database provides an index, summary of cases, and citations to more than 75,000 labor arbitration awards rendered since 1950. Also provides arbitrator biographies, with background and decision statistics.

See also: Guide to publications listed in LRP's Arbitration Database (link to pdf)

BNA: Daily Labor Report

ILR School community only

Covers legal developments, labor and employment legislation, regulations affecting the workplace, human resource trends, and labor-management relations -- from Congress, the courts, unions, the NLRB, EEOC, and the Labor Department.  Published by the Bureau of National Affairs, Inc. 

BNA: Employment Discrimination Verdicts and Settlements

ILR School community only

This searchable database contains thousands of employment discrimination verdicts, settlements, and awards since January 1996.  Click on the "Search All Issues" button to see the search options.

BNA: Environment and Safety Library on the Web (ESLW)

ILR School community only

ESLW is a database of federal and state laws, regulations, decisions, documents, and compliance tools (interactive forms, sample safety policies, directories, agency memoranda, calendars) related to occupational and environmental health and safety in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.  It also includes the full text of European Union directives and regulations, international treaties and agreements.  Topics include air and water pollution, hazmat transportation, food and drug regulation, ANSI standards, chemical manufacturing, mining safety, pesticides, right-to-know, toxic substances, and waste management.
BNA: Government Employee Relations Report

ILR School community only

Provides complete coverage of current employment developments and trends in the public sector.  Published by the Bureau of National Affairs, Inc. 

BNA: HR Decision Support Network

ILR School community only

Large collection of online HR-related information from BNA.  Includes Strategic White Papers/Case Studies; Human Resources Library; HR Audioconferences; Research and Benchmarking Studies; and access to Fast Answer Research questions/answers.
BNA: Human Resources Library

ILR School community only

The HR Library is a database covering a broad range of relevant federal and state laws and regulations for personnel management. Topics include compensation, payroll administration, benefits, workers' compensation, employee conduct, performance appraisal, etc..
BNA: Human Resources Report

ILR School community only

Covers important employee relations trends and developments -- upcoming laws, regulations, and innovative employer practices.  Also available in print, see: Cornell University Library Holdings. Published by the Bureau of National Affairs, Inc. 

BNA: Labor and Employment Law Library

ILR School community only

Available on Catherwood Reference workstations; includes: Significant decisions and reports of arbitrators and agencies beginning September 1979 (volumes 73 to current); Classification of all headnotes written to accompany cases; Arbitration decisions by contract term; and a Directory of arbitrators.

BNA: Labor Relations Week

ILR School community only

Searchable newsletter follows major labor relations issues and key labor law developments in a weekly format.

BNA: LaborPlus

ILR School community only

Click on "Subscriber Login."  Ignore indications that you have to pay for search results. It is free to ILR/Catherwood Library patrons.  Provides access to labor databases maintained by BNA PLUS, including: NLRB Elections; Work Stoppages; ULP Charges; Contract Listings; Settlement Summaries. 

BNA: Occupational Safety & Health Reporter (online)

ILR School community only

Washington, DC: Bureau of National Affairs, Inc., vol. 25, no. 35 (Feb. 7, 1996)-

This weekly newsletter reports on the latest developments in federal and state occupational safety and health programs, standards, legislation, regulations, enforcement, court and agency decisions and significant activities of safety and health organizations.  Back issues up to 1996 can be searched via indexes or full text searching.

BNA: Union Labor Report Newsletter

ILR School community only

Database includes timely updates on significant legal, legislative, and regulatory developments affecting the workplace, as well as useful insights on union organizing, representation, and administration.

Find print issues at ILR Reference HD6490.S5 U58.

BNA: Workplace Immigration Report

ILR School community only

Workplace Immigration Report provides reporting on workplace immigration news developments, federal and state legislation and regulations, and immigration enforcement actions in various industries. It also offers guidance for employers on workplace immigration policies and practices. Searchable content from 2007 forward.

BNA: Workplace Law Report

ILR School community only

Provides weekly coverage of key federal and state court rulings under employment and labor laws, plus information on regulatory actions and administrative rulings. 
ERI - Economic Research Institute's Platform Library

ILR School community only

Restricted access to loaded software from ILR Library Reference workstation (Ref Desk 02); ask at ILR Reference Desk for assistance.

The ERI PLAFORM LIBRARY contains the following kinds of information:

    * The Geographic Assessor® (ERIGA) Software and Databases - Calculate wage and salary differentials for over 7,400 U.S. and Canadian cities; provide Immigration Analyses for immigration application purposes.
    * The Relocation Assessor® (ERIRA) Software and Databases - Provide unlimited numbers of relocation reports/analyses of cost-of-living between any of 8,800 cities worldwide.
    * The Salary Assessor® (ERISA) Software and Databases - Report average salary and range data with job descriptions for more than 5,000 position titles; profile benchmark listings for positions in 2,000 industries.
    * The Executive Compensation Assessor (ERIXA) Software and Databases - Total compensation analyses for more than 320 top management position titles as defined from over 8,000 companies per year (proxy and 10-K analyses), analyzed by organization size, geographic location and industry.  When used with ERI's Platform Library, one may review actual proxy Summary Compensation Tables.
    * The Geographic Reference Report -  A hardcopy composite summary of Assessor Series databases (as described above).  Salaries for 88 benchmark jobs, COL & salary structures, and demographic data.
    * The International Reference Report Issues related to operating a branch office in 345 major metropolitan areas in 210 countries, including national wages for a minimum of 24 positions, 16 U.S. expatriate jobs, dozens of COL analyses, and other demographic information.
West HR Advisor

Catherwood Library only

Catherwood Library only.  Ask for assistance at the Reference Desk.

This online service provides comprehensive content on Human Resources. It offers answers to the range of issues that arise in employer-employee relationships, from state regulations to fair employment practices. The service includes practical "take action" solutions, model policies, tips, strategies, and up-to-date information to reinforce present policies and procedures. In addition to authoritative content from West's HR Series and other treatises, it also includes current event information through news articles and two journals written specifically for HR professionals, and access to selected state and federal Westlaw primary law databases.

Labor Database

Cornell University Library Holdings

Catherwood Library only

CD-Rom available on computers in the Reference Workroom. 
This database is an excellent source for hard to retrieve, but publicly available statistics about American unions: including information on NLRB certification and decertification elections and petitions; employer-union relationships from the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service's "Notices of Bargaining;" membership and finances of labor unions from the Office of Labor Management Standards; unfair labor practice charges from the National Labor Relations Board; union avoidance consultants from the Office of Labor Management Standards.  The Labor Database also contains data on employment discrimination, worker displacements due to globalization, and wage and hour compliance.
Public Employment Law on the Web

Catherwood Library only

Included in this service is ADA Law on the Web, a source for online access to the full-text of federal, state, and local disability compliance and discrimination cases  involving the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and other related laws, dating back to 1990.  Also included are full text of disability-related statutes and regulations.

SHRM - Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)

The website of this major U.S. association for HR practitioners provides a wealth of information for its members and for the public. For assistance with username and password, stop by the Reference Desk.

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