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From the Catherwood Library reference librarians

September 2003

PLEASE NOTE: The Reference Question of the Month is kept current only during the month for which it was written. Archived questions will not be updated, and over time may contain inaccurate information or broken web links. We provide archived questions as a service, since much of the information will remain accurate and of continued interest to the ILR community.

Question: How can the Catherwood Library website help with my research?

Answer: The Catherwood Library website has recently been redesigned in order to better meet the needs of our users. As part of the redesign, the Reference Librarians have provided extensive online research information and assistance.

We recommend that users start with theĀ ILR Research Portal, which was designed as a starting point to meet the research needs of faculty, students, practitioners and the general public as they seek the best information in fields related to Industrial & Labor Relations (ILR). These include, but are not limited to, human resources, labor studies, organizational behavior, labor economics, negotiation, collective bargaining, labor and employment law, alternative dispute resolution, psychology and sociology of work, and international and comparative labor relations. The Portal is organized to provide a methodical approach to finding information whether it is in the form of books, articles, or data irrespective of format. Furthermore it facilitates research in special topical areas such as public policy, international research, or company research.

In addition to the Research Portal, the site offers course and subject guides on topics including: Arbitration, Collective Bargaining, Disability and the Workplace, eCommerce, Human Resources and the Internet, Information Sources for Teachers Unions, Job Searching, Labor Unions and the Internet, Most Requested Government Statistics, U.S. Labor Unions, and Workplace Diversity.

We have also provided My-Contents List of Titles and Databases that are relevant to the ILR community, along with a link to the Cornell University Library (CUL) Gateway's E-Journal Title List that allows users to searches over 20,000 of the electronic journals licensed by the Cornell University Library.

The Electronic Archive has also been redesigned, now called Key Workplace Documents it is a unique repository for materials, which encompass aspects of the employer-employee relationship. Access to key government documents, public policy position papers, and statistics is offered free of charge.

Another feature of the site is Freely Available Workplace Documents, which was designed as a portal to aid developing countries and institutions lacking funds. It is specifically designed to help one find free key materials in disciplines related to Industrial & Labor Relations (ILR).

Catherwood also offers a fee-based information service (ILR Access), which provides extensive research and specialized services to the ILR community beyond Cornell.

Finally, if you can't find what you're looking for or have additional research needs, the site provides an Ask a Librarian form, an email form, and contact information.

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