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May 2005

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Question: What is the job market for 2005 grads?

Answer: According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers' annual survey, employers are planning to hire 13% more college graduates this academic year. Over 80% of employers surveyed by NACE said that the chances of employing college graduates is "good, very good, or excellent."

Starting salaries will be higher as well. Andrea Koncz, NACE's spokesperson said "Graduating students have a good reason to be hopeful this spring because we are seeing significantly higher increases in their starting salaries. Business and engineering-discipline salary increases are significant , a clear indication that the economy is improving." The survey also indicated that economics and finance grads can expect a 5.1 percent increase, with starting salaries averaging $44,825.

Collegiate Employment Research Institute at Michigan State University also found an increase in hiring. According to their survey, companies plan to expand hiring of grads by 20% over last year. Industries ranging from investment banking and health care to retail and real estate say they'll recruit more heavily on campus this year.