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From the Catherwood Library reference librarians

August 2004

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Question: Did you know? Facts and information about the Catherwood Library

Answer: Catherwood - The Martin P. Catherwood Library, School of Industrial and Labor Relations at Cornell University, is the most comprehensive resource of its type in North America supporting education and research in nearly every aspect of the workplace.

The Library also houses the Kheel Center for Labor-Management Documentation and Archives—the most venerable archives of its kind in an academic institution.

*Helpful hint Do pay careful attention to alarmed exits throughout the building. If an alarm sounds as you are leaving the Library's main entrance, please return to the Circulation Desk.

**Did you know? We have both Red Rover wireless service and laptop plugins that connect to the campus network throughout the 1st and 2nd floors. The Library Gateway provides a listing of available resources by library under "Technical Support, Finding hardware, software." The list is especially useful for patrons who are looking for scanners, to borrow a laptop, or who need color printing.

Services - Catherwood Library staff will assist you with checking-out library materials and help you use other services such as renewals, recalls and traces for items you cannot find in the stacks.

The main floor (2nd floor) Circulation desk is where you'll find items on reserve for specific courses, items you have had recalled for your use, and where you'll ask for information on photocopy vendacards. (The Circ desk does not have copies of course syllabi.) To the right of the Circulation desk you will find a room with coin and vendacard photocopiers and microfilm/fiche reader printers. Across the lobby are elevators leading to the third floor open stacks where you will find ILR cataloged books that are not designated as Reference or Reserve items and soon, a photocopier. To the left of the elevators is the women's restroom. A unisex restroom is available on the third floor.

*Helpful hint: Many course reserve materials are available as electronic course reserves. Check the instructor's reserve list in the Library catalog by clicking on the course reserve link.

**Did you know? You can check out a reserve item any day two hours or less before closing time, and it will be due back two hours after opening time the next day.

An information desk, current periodicals and audiovisual material are located in the first floor Silent Reading Room. At the north end are two group study rooms. Restrooms are outside the library door on this floor.

*Helpful hint: We have two group study rooms -- sign up to use them on the 1st floor.

**Did you know? We have videos and DVDs available for borrowing and audiovisual equipment for viewing on the 1st floor.

Research - Catherwood Reference services include in-person, phone, and e-mail reference assistance; on-campus instruction; outreach programs; fee-based research services; and creation of unique instructional materials.

On the main (2nd) floor, pass through the double doors to enter the Reference area. This is where you will find Reference stacks and a reading room with computers and full access to a wireless network for your use.

The Reference desk is covered by student and permanent staff trained to assist you in finding information for your class assignment or research project. (This is also where you'll find that hole punch, heavy duty stapler and pencil sharpener when you're doing work at the Library.) If you're having trouble identifying a topic, finding the exact information you need, citing your work, or even navigating the Catherwood website, this is the place to contact.

*Helpful Hint: Don't assume you have all the info available online since some electronic information arrives in CD format and is only downloaded onto computers in the Reference area. In addition, some material may only be available in print format. DO ASK!

**Did you Know? You can discuss your research with a Reference staff member from 8am-5pm Monday-Friday (make an appointment or stop by the Reference Desk). We offer training sessions on ILR Research, Lexis, RefWorks see our Workshop Calendar.

Archives - The Kheel Center is the most venerable labor-management archive of its type in North America. Its artifacts and documents illuminate labor and workplace history - specifically the needle trades, railroads, teachers, arbitration, mediation, and management theory.

The Kheel Center is located to the right of the Circulation desk on the main (2nd) floor of the library. When doing historical research, archivists can guide you through their extensive holdings of historical management and labor collections, personal papers and oral histories, visual images, and memorabilia.

*Helpful Hint: Kheel Center Hours and policies differ from the rest of the library so be sure to ask about these.

**Did you know? The Kheel Center is home to the Triangle Fire Web Exhibit which welcomes 6 million visitors a year.

Our Website has subject guides, course guides, full-text documents and more.

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