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Question of the Month Archive

From the Catherwood Library reference librarians

Can I find current collective bargaining agreements (labor contracts) on the Internet? Jul-Sep 09
How can I find the hourly wage of a Teamster in 1963? Mar 09
How can I find out which NYS schools use merit-based pay programs? Feb 09
Where can I find information on China and India? Dec 08
Does the library contain any documentation from the Dunlop Commission? Aug-Sep 08
How do I find historical corporate financial statement data? Jun-Jul 08
Finding information about old labor unions (U.S) Apr-May 08
How can I find out if a company has ever had an unfair labor practice filed against it? Mar 08
Where can I find information about which unions can be found in my local area? Jan-Feb 08
What labor unions are associated with the arts and entertainment industry? Dec 07
What library resources provide free access if I’m not a member of the Cornell community? Oct-Nov 07
I am interested in the concept of MOONLIGHTING. Sep 07
Where can I find information on U.S. Federal District Court Filings? Aug 07
Please explain the difference between minimum wage, living wage, prevailing wage. Jun-Jul 07
Where can I find data about unionization of faculty in higher education? May 07
I heard that some college has banned the use of Wikipedia.  What's all the fuss about?  Apr 07
I can't find the Workers' Compensation law.  Where is it, what is it, and am I covered? Mar 07
Where can I find data sources for my social sciences research? Jan-Feb 07
How many unions are there in the U.S.? How many of these unions are for small units? Nov-Dec 06
Why doesn't Google always find what I need?  What is the deep web? Oct 06
Can I get a list of recent Supreme Court decisions related to Labor Law? Sep 06
Can I find current collective bargaining agreements (labor contracts) on the Internet? Aug 06
How can I find out if a company has a labor union? Jun-Jul 06
Where can I find more information on immigrant labor in the U.S. workforce? May 06
Are there any blogs about what's going on in the labor movement? Mar-Apr 06
Where can I find more information on alcohol in the workplace? Jan-Feb 06
How does working time in the United States compare with other countries? Dec 05
What is the minimum wage in the US? How does it relate to compensation and bargaining? Nov 05
Where can I find information on conducting a literature review? Oct 05
How has membership in the AFL-CIO changed over the years? Aug-Sep 05
What is the average rate of employee absenteeism? Jul 05
Where can I find information on socially responsible companies? Jun 05
What is the job market for 2005 grads? May 05
What sources can one use to identify Cornell-related contacts in the Washington, D.C. area? Mar-Apr 05
What is DigitalCommons@ILR? Feb 05
Where did the term "glass ceiling" originate? Jan 05
What are my legal rights in the workplace? Dec 04
How can I identify human resources personnel at a particular company/organization? Nov 04
Update: Graduate Student Unions Oct 04
What does a small business need to know to comply with Department of Labor regulations? Sep 04
Did you know? Facts and information about the Catherwood Library Aug 04
What do we know about older workers in the U.S. and other countries? Jun-Jul 04
Do employers have to notify workers if they are under video surveillance? May 04
What's it like to work for a labor union? Apr 04
What is a Land Grant college and what does it have to do with ILR? Mar 04
What would be helpful to know about the library and its services? Jan-Feb 04
Where can I find information about musicians' unions and issues on working musicians? Nov 03
What sources are available to help me negotiate a union contract as a manager? Oct 03
How can the Catherwood Library website help with my research? Sep 03
Vacation time: how much is the norm? Aug 03
What should I know about hiring and accommodating people with disabilities in my workplace? Jul 03
Where can I find useful information on workplace ergonomics online? Jun 03
Where should one look to find public opinion surveys on workplace issues? May 03
Where can I find information about violence in the workplace? Apr 03
Is union financial data available online? Mar 03
Can you direct me to online sources of labor art? Feb 03
Who was Frances Perkins? Jan 03
Where can I go to find out the proper citation formats for both web and print sources? Dec 02
How can small businesses find free legal resources to help them better manage their employees? Nov 02
What is the Taylor Law and what resources are available for research on this topic? Oct 02
Is Mary Shelley's gothic horror novel Frankenstein relevant to today's workplace? Sep 02
Where can I find salary survey information, both in electronic and print forms? Aug 02
Can graduate students and/or teaching assistants organize a union? Jun 02
Are there resources I can use for gathering information free-of-charge? May 02
Where can I find online resources for research on work-life balance issues? Apr 02
What is shade coffee?  What are some of the reasons I might want to consider buying it? Feb 02
Where can I find information about workplace issues concerning farmers/agricultural workers? Jan 02
How does the US compare with other countries in terms of labor union density or membership? Dec 01
What is an ombudsman, and where does the term come from? Nov 01
Helpful information following the September 11 attacks Oct 01
What do the initials "U.B.F.C. & S.D.W." found on an antique metal tray mean? Sep 01