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ILR:Access Fee-Based Information Service

ILR:Access Fee-Based Information ServiceILR:Access provides extensive research and specialized services to the ILR community beyond Cornell. Union stewards, human resource managers, law firms, journalists, small business owners, and scholars from all over the world have used our services. The service was established in 1977 to meet the demands of individuals throughout the country and the world for access to the information and expertise available within the Catherwood Library.

Our clients have included: local union stewards, human resource managers from U. S. and multinational corporations, law firms, reporters from major newspapers, small business owners, and scholars from all over the world.

Since it opened its doors in 1946, a primary mission of the Catherwood Library has been to collect information that will lead to a better understanding of people at work. As a result, an extensive collection of 200,000 volumes including 4,000 serials as well as the latest electronic resources is available to support research in this field.

When you contact ILR:Access, you can expect thorough results delivered in a timely manner by an experienced and knowledgeable staff.

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