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Strategic Management: Managing Employment Issues in a Global Context

This guide was created as an additional resource featuring links to appropriate Internet based resources specifically chosen by Catherwood Library staff to support the eCornell course:

Managing Employment Issues in a Global Context

International Labor Law Foreign and International Law Sources on the Internet: Annotated

Foreign and International Law Sources on the Internet: Annotated is a selective guide to web sites providing links to texts of laws and court decisions, research guides and commentary on laws, international documents, directories, trade information, and/or statistics. Initially a training handout for law students, this guide has developed into a dynamic tool for faculty and law students, legal practitioners and business professionals. Brief annotations describe the arrangement of information at the site and highlight noteworthy links. Created by Charlotte Bynum of the Cornell Law Library.

International Labor Organization (ILO)

The ILO formulates international labour standards in the form of Conventions and Recommendations setting minimum standards of basic labour rights: freedom of association, the right to organize, collective bargaining, abolition of forced labour, equality of opportunity and treatment, and other standards regulating conditions across the entire spectrum of work related issues. It provides technical assistance primarily in the fields of:

  • vocational training and vocational rehabilitation
  • employment policy
  • labour administration
  • labour law and industrial relations
  • working conditions
  • management development
  • cooperatives
  • social security
  • labour statistics and occupational safety and health

It promotes the development of independent employers' and workers' organizations and provides training and advisory services to those organizations. Within the UN system, the ILO has a unique tripartite structure with workers and employers participating as equal partners with governments in the work of its governing organs.

Global Links

Social Security Programs Throughout the World

This publication, created by the U.S. Social Secuirty Administration, highlights the principal features of social security programs in more than 170 countries: old-age, survivors, and disability; sickness and maternity; work injury; unemployment; and family allowances. A set of tables in each volume provides information for each country on the types of social security programs, types of mandatory systems for retirement income, contribution rates, and demographic and other statistics related to social security. Beginning with the March 2002 edition, SSPTW now appears in four volumes published on a rolling basis every 6 months. Each volume focuses on a specific region of the world: Europe, Asia and the Pacific, Africa, and the Americas.


globalEDGETM is a knowledge web-portal that connects international business professionals worldwide to a wealth of information, insights, and learning resources on global business activities. By serving as a gateway to specialized knowledge on countries, cross-border business transactions, and international business, globalEDGETM responds to a real interest expressed by an increasing number of global business academicians and professionals. Designed and developed by MSU-CIBER at Michigan State University as the ultimate research tool, globalEDGETM contains information on about 200 countries with over 2,000 online resources.

The HRM Guide:International

HR Links Extensive list of international HR links arranged by country. HRM Guide caters for human resource practitioners, researchers and students seeking HR information predominantly in the English language.

Bureau of International Labor Affairs

The Bureau of International Labor Affairs (ILAB) carries out the international responsibilities of the Department of Labor under the direction of the Deputy Under Secretary for International Labor Affairs. ILAB conducts research on and formulates international economic, trade, immigration, and labor policies in collaboration with other U.S. Government agencies and provides international technical assistance in support of U.S. foreign labor policy objectives.

Professional International HR Organizations

International Public Management Association for Human Resouces

IPMA-HR is an organization that represents the interests of over 5,000 human resource professionals at the Federal, State and Local levels of government.

SHRM Global Forum

The SHRM Global Forum is a membership program designed by the Society for Human Resource Management to support global HR professionals. This website serves as the online home for members, and contains HR information resources and networking opportunities. Nearly 6,000 individual members of the SHRM Global Forum reside in over 70 countries.

Useful Resource Links

Catherwood Library

The Catherwood Library is the most comprehensive resource of its type in North America. Its collection of 200,000 books, journals, pamphlets and related materials, now complemented by extensive access to electronic resources from around the world, supports education and research in nearly every aspect of the workplace. The Library also houses the Kheel Center for Labor-Management Documentation and Archives. Founded in 1949, the center is the most venerable archives of its kind in an academic institution.

ILR: Access

ILR: Access, a fee based service, was established in 1977 to meet the demands of individuals throughout the country and the world for access to the information and expertise available within the Catherwood Library. Services include document delivery, subject specific literature searches and bibliographies and referrals to experts.

Human Resource Exexcutive Online/

Web site from Cornell University and Human Resource Executive magazine. This index to other Internet resources is divided by subject area and is also searchable by keyword. Workindex is designed to provide a gateway to the best workplace-oriented web sites on the Internet. Broad range of subjects covered. Provides links to'What's New' and lists the 'Editor's Choice' for best sites