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Best of the Web

Freely Available Workplace Resources

Human Resources and the Internet
Introduction to publicly available web sites of interest to human resource professionals and students.

Labor Unions and the Internet
Introduction to publicly available web sites useful to labor union members, staff, and students.


The following guides are no longer being updated:

Most Requested Government Statistics
Finding aid for frequently requested U.S government statistics organized by agency name.

Industrial Relations Overview of the U.S.
Key links that provide a quick overview of issues, data, and developments in U.S. industrial relations.

Sources for Non-Academic Researchers
Designed to help find free key materials in disciplines related to Industrial & Labor Relations (ILR).

WTO Trade and Labor Issues
Created by Stuart Basefsky for a presentation at the Special Libraries Association (SLA) Conference in Seattle, Washington on Monday, June 16, 2008, 9-10:30am for a program entitled, "WTO, Seattle, & Global Trade/Labor Issues" and a special segment on "Recommended resources for international trade and related labor issues research".