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Labor Relations & Labor Studies Research

Labor & Collective Bargaining : Best Internet Sites for Research & Practice

This 48-page PDF handout lists and describes the best Internet sites for labor research, including seven pages of collective bargaining agreements and contract language.  It also includes tips for effective Internet research.

Sources For Collective Bargaining Agreements (CBA’S)

A brief (2-page) guide to locating full text labor agreements. PDF format.

Union Women : Change Starts Here! : Books and Films to Read and Watch and Discuss, Also Posters and Web Sites.

This 28-page compilation of books, films, music, journals, posters, and web sites related to working women and women in unions was written for the 2006 UALE Northeast Summer Institute for Union Women, held July-August 2006 at the Labor Education Center, Rutgers University.  UALE is the United Association for Labor Education.  PDF format.

General Research

How Do I Start & Where Do I Go? : Great Web Sites for Doing Research Online

A 22-page guide to the best web sites for undergraduate-level research, including general and specialized search engines, online bookstores, study skills, periodical articles, plus the following subject areas:  law & legislation, government & politics, business & human resources, company information, careers & jobs, statistics & economics, history &  culture of workers.  PDF format.

Labor & Business Researcher's Guide to NYC Libraries, 2006-2007

New York City residents have their choice of three public library systems, a number of specialized libraries and archives, and a wealth of free databases that can be accessed through the public library systems. This guide introduces the undergraduate student or novice researcher to NYC libraries open to the public that can be used for business or labor studies research.  PDF format.