Cornell University

Catherwood Library Kheel Center

Catherwood Library Kheel Center, 227 Ives Hall, 607-255-3183

Reading Room Regulations

A young girl finds a quiet place to study, Arkansas 1937
  • Only those writing instruments, paper and notecards that are provided by the Kheel Center are allowed in the reading room.
  • Personal computers or other recording devices may be used providing their operation does not disturb other researchers.
  • Do not mark, fold, or disarrange manuscripts. Items may be removed for copying purposes if their original location is flagged. Only a single box or folder per researcher should be in use in the reading room at any one time.
  • Notify staff if you discover damaged or disordered manuscripts.
  • Eating, drinking and smoking are not permitted in the reading room.
  • Respect others' need for quiet. No talking, please.
  • Notify staff when finished with your research so materials may be removed from reading room.
  • Kheel Center staff members must inspect anything carried out of the reading room.
  • Researchers are allowed to bring their own digital cameras in the reading room for photographing unrestricted materials. However, permission to photograph is subject to any donor-imposed restrictions and to copyright laws of the United States. Please be aware that when other researchers are in the reading room you must disable the flash mechanism and any feature that produces a loud sound.