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Collection Development Policy

Local 1199 Beth Israel Hospital grassroots organizer Hilda Joquin, ca. 1962The Kheel Center develops and revises its collecting strategy in consultation with the faculty of the School of Industrial and Labor Relations at Cornell University, and with the approval of the Dean of the School.  Its primary mission is to support the curriculum and the research needs of the faculty.

The Kheel Center currently holds primary source material, including manuscript, serials, and media, mostly in Twentieth Century labor relations with a particular focus on New York State.  It will expand its holdings, when appropriate, by building upon its existing strengths, namely in the areas of labor relations in the public sector (such as education), select private sectors (such as needle trades, health care, hospitality industry), lobbying organizations, personnel management and theory, and arbitration and mediation.  Collecting will focus on new areas, which the school has identified as of strategic importance, such as globalization and its effects on the workplace.  Other areas may include attorneys’ papers, certain pivotal local government agencies records, documents on collective bargaining in the public sector, and corporate records generated by human resource departments.

The center collects material in a wide variety of formats, including printed  text, audio, photographs, film, and digital (web sites, e-mail, word processing, and the like).

The Kheel Center may remove or transfer collections that are little used or fall outside the parameters outlined above.  Any major decision in this regard is made in concert with the library administration, relevant faculty, and the Dean.

Donating materials

If you own or know of material that may fit within the parameters broadly outlined above, you are invited to communicate with the Kheel Center.

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