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Featured Book: December 2014


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The Oxford Handbook of Conflict Management in Organizations

William K. Roche, Paul Teague and Alexander J.S. Colvin (editors)

This book explores conflict management in organizations, focusing on the various organizational practices and procedures used to resolve and sometimes prevent conflict in the workplace in countries such as Japan, China, Germany, New Zealand, Australia, Britain, and the United States. It looks at conventional approaches based on standard grievance and dispute resolution procedures as well as alternative dispute resolution methods that seek ways other than civil litigation or turn to administrative agencies that implement employment laws. It discusses grievance procedures under collective bargaining and in non-union firms, along with workplace mediation, interest-based bargaining, the nature and outcomes of conflict management systems, and the role of the organizational ombudsman, third parties, and line managers in conflict management and resolution. In addition, the book examines developments in employment rights and human resources management perspectives on conflict management. It also presents a series of case studies of exemplars and innovators in conflict management, including ‘judicial mediation’ practiced by employment tribunals in the UK. [from publisher web site]

Oxford; New York: Oxford University Press. 541 pages
ISBN 9780199653676     HD42 .O936 2014