Cornell University

Catherwood Library

Catherwood Library, Ives Hall, 607-255-5435

Benefits of Membership

Students working in Catherwood LibraryFriends at all levels will receive the following benefits upon request:

Information delivered directly to your desk

  • Document Delivery: At your request, we will fax, mail, or electronically deliver up to 5 documents per membership (30 pages maximum per document). Document delivery benefit at ILR Senior and ILR graduate student membership level is substituted with on-site photocopy privileges for up to 50 pages.
  • Electronic Notification Service: Get the inside track on an array of work-related topics from Catherwood's information specialists.
  • Workplace Issues Today: Late-breaking news from the field delivered daily to you electronically.

Services by experienced ILR reference staff

Students working in Catherwood Library

  • Research Discounts: 25% discount on ILR:Access, Catherwood's fee-based information service providing professional research assistance.
  • Online Members Plaque: Your name will appear on our online donor plaque.

Additional benefits for Friends at higher levels

  • Benefactor Level: All of the preceding benefits, plus 4 hours of professional research time free via ILR:Access
  • Catherwood Circle: All of the preceding benefits, plus special invitations to library functions hosted by the director
  • Director's Circle: All of the preceding benefits, plus recognition on a special plaque in the Martin P. Catherwood Library at the School of Industrial and Labor Relations and our online donor plaque.

Note: Some portion of your membership fee may be tax deductible, depending on benefits you actually use. If you elect to waive all benefits your membership fee becomes fully tax deductible to extent permitted by law. In any case, please consult your tax advisor.