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Catherwood Library

Catherwood Library, Ives Hall, 607-255-5435

Catherwood Donor Plaque

This page reproduces the content of our Donor Plaque, which adorns the wall in the LRP Publications Lobby of Catherwood Library. We are grateful for the continuing support from the Friends of the Catherwood Library (FOCAL).

Friends of the Catherwood Library (FOCAL)

Director's Circle

L. Kevin Becraft
Carl D. and Susan E. Behnke
Irwin Bluestein
Mark E. Brossman
Emma Jane and William E. Carroll
Evelyn, Gerald and Brian Dorf
John and Audrey Furfaro
Nancy and Richard Grabow
George and Florabelle Hildebrand
Nancy E. Hoffman
Alisa Aaronson Horvitz
Ellen and Arnold Jacobs
Kenneth F. Kahn
Theodore and Ann Kheel
Kenneth H. Kirschner
Bruno and Lindsey LaRocca
Norma Meacham and Melvin Osterman
Karen Silverstein Ossip
Michael J. Ossip
Harriet and Theodore Oxman
Richard Polevoy
Andrew J. Schaffran
Martin F. Scheinman
Robert J. Smith
Steven D. Spencer
Bernard and Phyllis Sussman
Steven R. Wall

Catherwood Circle

Ruth H. Windmuller Estate


Elizabeth J. Forman

Family Membership


Supporting Member

Arthur and Tessie Epstein
Todd Kelson
Norman Lynn
Mary Gallo Tucker

Associate Member

Richard Berkowitz
Barbara Doering
Howard P. Fink
Arthur Leonard
Margaret R. MacIntyre