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Discussion with Richard Griffin, General Counsel, NLRB

Note for Attorneys

2.5 CLE Credits (New York State)

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Professional Practice (Non-Transitional ONLY)
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Richard Griffin

Online Course (On-Demand)

Richard Griffin, the new General Counsel of the NLRB, spoke before a live audience of labor lawyers on December 13, 2013. This course is a recording of that session and interviews with the speakers. Event was co-sponsored by Proskauer.

You Will Learn

  • Griffin's background, priorities, and possible future initiatives as he takes the reins as General Counsel (GC).
  • GC Griffin's thoughts on inability-to-pay vs. "we don’t want to pay" cases, what that means to the parties, and what management's responsibilities are.
  • The new General Counsel's plans to work with the Labor Bar, other government agencies, and citizens.
  • ...and more.


  • Introductions (6 min video)
  • Richard Griffin (32 min video)
  • Ron Meisburg (15 min video)
  • Amy Gladstein (16 min video)
  • Panel Discussion and Q&A (57 min video; pre-recorded)
  • Speaker Interviews (25 min video)
  • Attendance Verification Quiz (for attorneys seeking CLEs)
  • Course Completion Evaluation Survey
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Commentary from:

Ronald Meisburg
Ronald Meisburg
Former NLRB General Counsel
and Board Member
Partner, Proskauer Rose LLP

Amy Gladstein
Amy Gladstein
Partner, Gladstein, Reif and Meginniss LLP
Directs organizing for 1199SEIIU


In the News

Richard Griffin was confirmed General Counsel of the NLRB by the Senate on October 29, 2013. Griffin, a former general counsel for the International Union of Operating Engineers, had served as an NLRB board member in a controversial recess appointment made by President Obama. As the Board’s top official managing its investigative and prosecutorial functions, Griffin has tremendous discretion in what legal issues he will emphasize in issuing complaints and litigating cases before the Board and the courts. Griffin also will be bringing cases before the first fully-confirmed, five-member board in more than a decade and should not face the procedural or constitutional challenges that affected the Board during his tenure as a board member.

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