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Domestic Violence in the Workplace: Legal Implications

October 5, 2007 - New York City

Domestic violence has far-reaching implications for the workplace. Lawyers representing employers, unions, and victims face special challenges in dealing with domestic violence issues. New York City has legislation that prohibits employers from discriminating against victims of domestic violence and requires that they provide "reasonable accommodation" to victims to help them address the violence and keep their jobs. New York State soon may have a similar law covering employers bound by the State Human Rights Law. 

Domestic violence victims also may have rights under other employment laws such as Title VII, FMLA, workers compensation, OSHA, and the ADA. Additionally, there are common law claims such as negligent hiring or retention to be considered, and the role of employer policies, workplace strategies, collective-bargaining provisions, and issues in arbitration affect what attorneys on all sides of the question must be able to address.

This program starts with a discussion of the problem, explores the issues of discrimination, and then moves to a sharing of views on the best practices and strategies for dealing with domestic violence as it impacts the victim and other employees at the workplace. 

Date: October 5, 2007

Time: 8:30am - 12:00 pm

Location: Cornell ILR Conference Center
16 E. 34th Street, 6th floor
New York, NY 10016

Fee: $150 (includes materials and continental breakfast)
 [Discounts available for students and not-for-profit organizations; call for information.]

CLE Credit: 2.0 credits in Professional Practice


  • Margaret A. Clemens, Esq., Nixon Peabody
  • Maya Raghu, Esq., Legal Momentum
  • Kim Wells, Executive Director, Corporate Alliance to End Partner Violence
  • Mercedes M. Maldonado, Esq., Koehler & Isaacs
  • Esta R. Bigler, Esq., Cornell ILR, Labor & Employment Law Program, Moderator

Who Should Attend: Lawyers, Human Resource and Diversity Professionals, Business and Union Leaders

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