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National Labor Relations Board

February 15, 2013

National Labor Relations BoardThe NLRB: Breaking New Ground?

In December, the NLRB issued several decisions that, critics argue, rewrite the NLRA and decisional law to encourage concerted activity and union institutional interests at the expense of employers and their ability to run their businesses. Others see the decisions as properly protecting the rights of employees and unions, and argue that the decisions are consistent with the NLRA and the realities of the world of the internet and the information age.

Join our distinguished panel to discuss several of the recent decisions (Ritchey, American Baptist, Hispanics United, IronTiger, WKYC-TV, United Nurses, and Latino Express) that have raised questions about the Pearce Board and their implications for workers, unions, and employers.

Our panel of experts includes:

  • Sharon Block, Board Member, NLRB
  • Karen P. Fernbach, Regional Director, Region 2, NLRB 
  • Hanah B. Kolko (ILR'82), Member, Meyer, Suozzi, English & Klein, P.C. 
  • Eric P. Simon (ILR'76), Partner, Jackson Lewis LLP

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