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Labor and Employment Law Breakfast Program

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NLRB Decision on Oakwood Healthcare, Inc.

The program will discuss the highly anticipated Oakwood Healthcare, Inc. decision and companion cases, Golden Crest and Croft Metal.

This decision, considered one of the most important recent decisions of the Board, clarified who is a supervisor within the meaning of the Act finding charge nurses to be supervisors. It will affect unions and employers in many industries. The Board used this opportunity to reexamine and reinterpret the terms "assign," "responsibility to direct," and "independent judgment" found in section 2(11).  

Join us to discuss what these new standards mean, how they will be applied, and their potential implications. Our guest commentators are:

  • Helen Marsh, Regional Director, Region 3, NLRB - Albany and Buffalo
  • Michael T. Harren, Esq. - Buffalo
  • Mark Gastson Pearce, Esq. - Buffalo
  • Jack D. Eisenberg, Esq. - Buffalo
  • Randall M. Odza, Esq. - Buffalo
  • Mairead E. Connor, Esq. - Albany
  • Mimi Satter, Esq. - Albany
  • Norma G. Meacham, Esq. - Albany
  • Ray Pascucci, Esq. - Albany

Please check back for future dates.
Fee:  $25.00 (continental breakfast included)
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