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Employment Law Update:
From the Supreme Court to the NYC Administrative Code


This forum will address recent court decisions and changes in employment law to provide valuable insights on how these could affect the EEOC’s litigation strategy. Topics to be considered include:

  • The Supreme Court extension of the “but for” standard to retaliation claims under Title VII in University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center v. Nasser and a comparison of this new test to the "motivating factor" analysis for Title VII discrimination cases, and exploring the significance of the difference between the two tests.
  • The Court's recent definition of supervisor in Vance v. Ball State University, as well as its impact on the availability of the Faragher/Ellerth affirmative defense in hostile environment cases.
  • The developing broader standards under the New York City Administrative Code and what the differences between that statute and New York State and federal laws mean for the practitioner.
  • The continued viability of class actions after Wal-Mart Stores v. Dukes, given recent decisions that have permitted or disallowed employment discrimination class actions under the new standards.
  • Class claims in arbitration after American Express v. Italian Colors Restaurant and recent Second Circuit cases, including what options exist for allowing or further limiting simultaneous arbitration of multiple, related discrimination claims of individual employees.

Our speakers include:

Elizabeth Grossman, Regional Attorney, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
Debra L. Raskin, Partner, Vladeck, Waldman, Elias & Engelhard, P.C.
Michael Starr, Partner, Holland & Knight LLP


Friday, October 18, 2013
8:30am – Registration
9:00am-11:00am – Program


Cornell ILR NYC Conference Center
16 East 34th Street, 6th Floor
New York, NY 10016


2.0 NYS CLEs – Professional Practice (Transitional and Non-Transitional)


$150 (includes materials and continental breakfast)

Co-sponsored by Holland & Knight LLP