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Labor and Employment Law Program

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Credit Checks: A New Form of Employment Discrimination?

March 9, 2012, New York City


Offered in conjunction with Cornell Law School

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Consumer credit was the ticket to a middle class lifestyle for many people until the recession, widespread unemployment, and bankruptcy changed the world. Now, when many people’s credit ratings have been negatively affected by the economic downturn, employers increasingly are using pre-employment credit checks as a screening device to evaluate job applicants. Is a credit score an accurate predictor of work performance and employee reliability? Or is it a new form of employment discrimination that adversely affects people of color, women, and people with disabilities in violation of EEO laws? The EEOC has sued Kaplan Higher Education Corporation, employers must meet their obligations under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, and states have begun to regulate the use of pre-employment credit checks. Learn what you need to be prepared to advise your clients, whether employees or employers, as legislation and court decisions create new rights and obligations on the use of credit screening.


Program Agenda

9:00 am
    Welcome and Introductions
Esta R. Bigler, Esq., Director, Labor & Employment Law Program, Cornell ILR, Moderator

9:10 am    Race and Gender: Gaining Access to Credit   PRESENTATION
Louis Hyman, Assistant Professor, Cornell ILR; author of Borrow: The  American Way of Debt

9:35 am    Credit Checks and the Fair Credit Reporting Act   PRESENTATION
Anthony Rodriguez, Attorney, Division of Privacy and Identity Protection, FTC

9:55 am    Use of Credit Information in Employment Decisions   PRESENTATION
Elizabeth Grossman, Regional Attorney, New York District Office, EEOC

10:15 am    The Legal Issues Facing Employers  PRESENTATION
Joseph Cartafalsa (ILR’89), Partner, Putney, Twombly, Hall & Hirson LLP

10:35 am   Q & A

11:00 am    Closing   

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