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Past Programs for Trade Unionists

U.S. and Europe: Privacy Issues in Drug-Testing, Data and the Internet

Differing privacy standards in the U.S. and Europe can pose serious problems for multinational employers who require consistent employment policies, while avoiding violations of the employee protection laws of the jurisdictions where they have operations.  In the US and Canada, the states and provinces offer employee protections that are more restrictive than federal requirements, and, in the member nations of the EU, employee protections are even greater.

Three experts share their knowledge and perspectives on these issues in this webinar.

Alan M. Koral, Vedder Price P.C. (New York), addresses US employee privacy developments in the internet age.

Andrew Heaton, Ernst & Young LLP (Washington, D.C.), provides considerations for in-house counsel.

Paul Callaghan, Taylor Wessing LLP (London), offers insights into the E.U. protections.

Global Perspectives on Workers' Rights: What Every Lawyer Needs to Know

Defending and advancing workers' rights in the 21st century requires global collaboration and creativity. This program will give lawyers a deeper understanding of international law and international mechanisms placing labor rights within the broader context of human rights norms, private and public avenues of corporate accountability, and the global frameworks that control trade in goods and services, as well as the movement of workers across borders.

The Labor and Employment Law Program, the International Commission for Labor Rights, and the Global Worker Justice Alliance have joined together to develop a five-session webinar series that will explore these topics—cutting-edge legal principles and strategies in workers' rights—in depth. The series brings together some of the most established names in this field, along with innovative new voices, from academia and from legal practice.

Session 1     Workers' Rights as Human Rights (EL550)

Session 2     Current Problems in International Labor Rights, Part I (EL551)

Session 3     Current Problems in International Labor Rights, Part II (EL552)

Session 4     Current Problems in International Labor Rights, Part III (EL553)

Session 5     Transnational Justice for Migrant Workers (EL554)


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