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The Labor and Employment Law Program at Cornell ILR brings together social scientists and attorneys to inform each other's work with the goal of addressing contemporary labor and employment law and workplace issues to influence litigation and public policy decisions.


Cornell Chronicle - Wellness programs: well-intentioned or intrusive?

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Football Players and Arms Raised

Northwestern University and College Athletes Players Association (CAPA)

The NLRB and College Football

The NLRB has granted a review of the Regional Director’s decision that found scholarship football players at Northwestern University to be employees. What will a Board Decision mean for organizing graduate students, medical interns, and athletes?

2.0 CLE Credits (NY State) for Attorneys

Price: $149

Health Word Cloud

Affordable Care Act (ACA) and Wellness Programs

At Odds With EEO Laws and Collective Bargaining Agreements?

Affordable Care Act regulations encourage employers to implement wellness programs (e.g. smoking cessation, weight loss, etc.) with an assumed resulting reduction in the cost of insurance coverage. What happens if an employee can’t lose weight?

Who Will Benefit from This Course

Attorneys, Directors of Wellness Programs

2.5 CLE Credits (NY State) for Attorneys

Price: $149