Labor Matters: A Tribute to Auto Workers
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Labor Matters Guest Book

From adversaries to partners, who could have imagined? The socialist-minded workers who struggled to radically reorganize economic and political life would be shocked and amazed. Nice job on a site that depicts the evolution of organized labor.
- DB, North Syracuse, N.Y. 19 Feb 2004

Great site,Iwent to work at a Chevrolet plant in Hamtramack,Mi in 1963. 1985 I went on staff of the UAW.served in the GM dept. until1996 then spent two and a half years in the research dept retired late 1998.Your resources are really great
- Dick Danjin, Alger,Michigan 29 Jan 2004

Thank You!
- Palma Nemeth, Buffalo, New York 24 Jan 2004

I am a memebr of UAW Local 651 in Flint, MI and was thrilled to hear of your project. I was equally impressed with the work shown on your website. Having just completed a 2 year joint program between the UAW and Michigan State University, which I also helped design, I am becoming more aware that our membership is reaching back into our past to help figure a long term solution to the questions of who we are and who we will become in the global economy. Thank you for a wonderful tour of your vision.
- Art Reyes II, Grand Blanc, MI 25 Dec 2003

This is a wonderful story. I never knew all these things.
- jf, Minneapolis, Mn 22 Dec 2003

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