Cornell University

What others are saying about the impact of Labor Programs

“I would recommend this program for people who want to get more involved, especially younger people.  If the younger generation isn't pushed to get involved, I don't know where labor will be in a few years.”

— John Viol, UAW Local 365

“The program gave me my own sense of self and the ability to truly know who I am and stand up for what I know is right.”

— Pat Lavin, Public Employee Federation

“Cornell's classes can help you banish negative attitudes and recapture your confidence.”

— Joseph Koblinski, President, Buffalo Labor Studies Student Association, 2000-01

“Cornell's Labor Program is just what the labor movement needs. The
classes and the faculty are excellent and they provide the education to move labor into the future.”

— Dan Power, Vice President, OPEIU, Local 212

“In every position of leadership that I have held in the labor movement the knowledge that I gained through Cornell Labor Programs has enabled me to do a better job. I firmly believe that every union official who represents workers should enroll in these valuable courses.”

— Patrick Costello, Assistant Business Manager, IBEW Local 43; President, AFL-CIO Central NY Labor Council; President, Mohawk Valley Building & Construction Trades Council

“The program offers the opportunity to interact with and relate to a cross section of individual labor leaders who bring with them a variety of perspectives on both the existing state and future direction of unions. I see this as an imperative first step toward the labor movement as a whole solidifying into something more than the battered pockets of resistance it exists as today.”

— Michael Prohaska, Laborers Local 79