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Leadership Workshops

Because you serve working people and their families, you know firsthand the pressures and challenges facing workers and their unions in today's workplace. With so much at stake—dignity and decency on the job, and the economic and social security of our families and communities—the men and women who work full time for labor unions and their members play a critical role in building a better society.

Cornell Leadership Workshops are designed primarily for full-time elected union officers and appointed staff, including business agents, staff managers, council representatives, organizers, grievance reps, researchers, safety and health trainers, communications/public relations staff, attorneys, financial managers, and health and welfare benefit fund trustees. Shop stewards, executive board members, bargaining committee members and rank-and- file activists also can benefit from participating in the workshops.

The leadership workshops are comprised of one-, two- and three-day intensive classes. They are designed to improve the skills and deepen the knowledge unionists need to build and re-build strong and effective organizations.

Our Workshop Instructors bring to the classroom a diverse array of practical and leadership experience in labor, workplace, community, economic and organization issues. Teaching methods in our workshops and seminars are designed to engage participants interactively with learning exercises, case studies, panel sessions, video-aided presentations, simulations and small-group activities. The workshops identify objectives and strategies to confront problems, and help participants develop skills to address them.

Workshops in NYC are scheduled under the Union Leadership Workshop Series.  Workshops upstate are scheduled based on demand. On-line Workshops are offered regularly; CLICK HERE for details.  Labor faculty around the state are available to respond to any request for a workshop customized to your particular needs.

Most Popular Workshops

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