Cornell University

Strategic Planning, Facilitation and Organizational Consulting

Cornell University's ILR School has some of the nation's leading experts in organizational development for unions. Top union leaders rely on Cornell for a variety of needs, including strategic planning, resource management, leadership development, conflict management, educational and training challenges, and others.

Recent Projects

  • At the request of a major public sector union, Cornell ILR faculty developed a series of training modules for senior staff and managers to improve and streamline management practices and personnel policies. 
  • Leaders from a large recently merged union needed assistance working with newly configured staff to develop a plan for the future and make tough decisions about redeploying resources and staff to ensure growth and efficiency.
  • A top officer from a private sector international union worked with Cornell ILR faculty to identify and implement strategies to manage conflict in the executive leadership team.  
  • Cornell ILR faculty assisted a major entertainment union to develop diversity training and procedures for their leadership and active members.

For more information, please contact:

Sally Alvarez, Co-Director, NYS AFL-CIO/Cornell Union Leadership Institute
Linda Donahue, Senior Policy Analyst
Jeff Grabelsky, Director, Union Building Strategies and Construction Industry Program
Peter Lazes, Director, Strategic Planning for Unions
K.C. Wagner, Director, Workplace Issues