Cornell University

Organizing and the Law LB518

Not currently offered

This program currently has no scheduled dates. For more information, please contact the regional office nearest you.

Objective:To provide unionists with the latest information on how current private sector labor law (NLRA) affects organizing workers into labor unions and what to do about it.

Key Topics

  • Organizing without the NLRB (card check)
  • Quiet vs Open Campaigns
  • Picketing for Recognition
  • Public vs Private Spaces
  • Objectionable Conduct
  • Neutrality Clauses / Bargaining to Organize
  • Corporate Campaign

Who will benefit? Who should attend?

Officers, organizers, executive board members, business reps, rank-and-file members—anyone interested in strengthening her or his union by organizing new members.


Esta R. Bigler, Esq., directs Cornell's Labor and Employment Law Program at the ILR School in NYC. She is a former NLRB field attorney. When in private practice she represented unions in the healthcare and clothing industries, manufacturing and in the public sector.