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About Cornell Labor Arbitration

The Cornell University ILR School has launched a new upstate New York labor initiative featuring a full range of innovative labor relations and arbitration services.

This initiative supports Cornell's land-grant mission, which includes sharing the university's intellectual and physical resources in relevant ways throughout the state. Our programs directly support the university's commitment to outreach and taps into the extensive knowledge base at various ILR offices across upstate New York, as well as at Cornell's main campus.

To provide parties with qualified arbitrators and mediators to help resolve labor disputes, Cornell ADR has established its own Roster of Labor ADR Professionals.  New labor arbitration rules and forms are also available for use.  A hardcopy of these rules and forms are available through Traci Morse by emailing her at

In addition to arbitration services, ILR upstate programs will offer training and consulting to public-sector agencies and unions, and education sessions on such topics as how to present a case in mediation and grievance mediation. As part of this initiative, ILR will also expand its research activities across New York State in areas such as the court system, workers compensation and diversity.

Message from Dean Harry Katz:

"We are extremely excited to be able to offer these services. More than any other institution, ILR understands the needs and interests of the upstate New York workplace, and the strength of Cornell's program gives us a particular and unique capability to assist in the field of workplace conflict resolution."