Project #13

Link Confidential Census Business Data to the Health and Retirement Study

Principal investigators

John Abowd - Cornell


Margaret Levenstein - University of Michigan


Sloan Foundation Grant to University of Michigan, sub-award to Cornell University

Short description

With the permission of HRS respondents, the project will use information from their Social Security records to match to Census Bureau data on their employers. These data will be used to study a number of issues, especially related to work and retirement of older Americans. In conjunction with creating this linked dataset and with carrying out this research, the project will develop variables about the businesses that employ HRS respondents that can be made available to the research community.

The first phase of the project will create the HRS-Census match. This phase involves cooperating with Federal agencies to match the data and addressing the statistical issues that arise because of imperfect matches across administrative records and Census data. The second phase will be statistical research by the project team to address the substantive issues relating to employment and retirement and to create variables that can be publicly-released. The third phase will be creation, documentation, and dissemination of a Census-enhanced HRS with the aim of providing maximal information about the characteristics of employers consistent with maintaining confidentiality of both HRS respondents and their employers. In tandem with the third phase, a fourth phase will engage researchers outside the project to promote their use of its data products though a preliminary results conference and through subawards for research using data created by the project.

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