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Ethics and Witnesses (LEL901)

Avoiding Impermissible Coaching, Ex Parte Communications, and Dealing with False Testimony

Do you know the difference between improper coaching and appropriately preparing your witnesses?  Where is the line between zealous advocacy and unethical behavior?  What is the impact of social media?  What are your obligations when a witness provides false testimony?

Ban the Box and Stop Credit Discrimination: A Conversation with the City Commission on Human Rights (LEL703)

This fall two significant pieces of legislation amended the New York City Human Rights Law: the Stop Credit Discrimination in Employment Act (effective September 3, 2015) and the Fair Chance Act, better known as Ban the Box (effective October 27, 2015).  It is now generally unlawful for an employer to use credit history as a factor in the decision to hire. Similarly, an employer is prohibited from inquiring about an applicant’s criminal history until a conditional offer of employment is made.