Criminal Justice and Employment Initiative

The United States incarcerates more people than any other nation and continues to commit billions of dollars in order to do so.

Since beginning to work in the area of reducing barriers to employment of people with criminal records in 2008, LEL has been in the forefront of bringing together diverse constituencies to discuss, analyze, and propose best practices on the issue of employment of justice-involved individuals, the mitigation of criminal records, and collateral consequences such as licensing bans.

Here we consolidate resources in order to educate employers, prospective employees, advocates, and academics regarding the employment of people with criminal records.

Resources for People with Criminal Records

The Criminal Justice and Employment Initiative explains legal rights related to criminal records and employment. Know your record, fix your record, know your legal rights.

Past Programs on Criminal Justice in Employment

NYC Ban the Box and Stop Credit Discrimination: A Conversation on Enforcement With the City Commission on Human Rights | November 19, 2015
The Richard Netter Conference on Criminal Records and Employment | December 8, 2011