Cornell University

ILR-Law School Program on Conflict Resolution

411 Dolgen Hall, 607-255-9298

A powerful collaboration of two schools at Cornell University

The Cornell ILR School and the Cornell Law School have launched a joint initiative called "The Program on Conflict Resolution."

This program will feature a wide range of activities, including innovative research, education and training, all aimed at raising the standards of arbitration, mediation and other methods of alternative dispute resolution (ADR).

Dean Harry Katz“With the addition of the Cornell Law School, we are extremely excited to be able to expand our current focus from exclusively workplace-oriented projects and research to now include non-work related issues, including the potential for ADR to resolve both domestic and international conflicts.”

— Dean Harry Katz, ILR School

Dean Stewart Schwab“Our school's faculty includes experts in international arbitration and the use of ADR in a variety of domestic contexts. This new partnership provides us with an existing programmatic structure to more readily engage our faculty and students in pursuing conflict resolution projects and research.”

— Dean Stewart Schwab, Cornell Law School