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Institute for Workplace Studies-Colloquium Series WS001

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Innovative Approaches to Transforming US Healthcare with Dr. Steven Safyer, Hilary Corrigan, Dr. Michael Kantrowitz, Dr. Farbod Raiszadeh, and Peter Lazes

Co-sponsored by Cornell’s Healthcare Transformation Project and the ILR Alumni Association

Time & Location: The Cornell Club, 6 East 44th Street (between Madison and Fifth) in Manhattan from 6:30pm to 9:00pm

In 2010, United States healthcare expenditures were at a record high of 18%, or $2.6 trillion, of the Gross Domestic Product. Yet, Americans continue to experience low quality of care and spend two and half times more than other peer industrialized countries. The passage of the Patient Protection and  Affordable Care Act and the implementation of new standards from Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services have made it imperative to develop transformative processes that accelerate the coordination of care, increase patient engagement and reduce costs. Cornell University’s Healthcare Transformation Project and several alumni have designed innovative ways to address these issues by using labor-management partnerships and implementing new organizational models to enhance the quality of and access to care, increase patient engagement and reduce costs.

Join us for a discussion with Cornell alumni who are taking the lead in transforming healthcare delivery, including Dr. Steven Safyer, Hilary Corrigan, Dr. Michael Kantrowitz, and Dr. Farbod Raiszadeh. Peter Lazes, director of ILR’s Healthcare Transformation Project, will moderate. 

Peter Lazes established and is the current director of the Healthcare Transformation Project at Cornell’s ILR School, which provides labor unions and management with consultation, training, and research to implement strategic worker participation programs focusing on quality and systems improvement.

Steven Safyer, M.D., is President and Chief Executive Officer of Montefiore in New York City and is a nationally recognized for his work in community medicine. In December 2011, Montefiore was selected by the federal Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services as one of 32 health care organizations in the country to participate in the Pioneer Model Accountable Care Organization Program. Dr. Safyer received his B.S. degree from Cornell University’s ILR School and his medical degree from Albert Einstein College of Medicine.

Hilary Corrigan is a contract organizer at Committee of Interns and Residents, the largest union representing interns, residents and fellows, where she is currently focused on the systematic engagement of residents in quality and patient safety education initiatives. She is a graduate of Cornell University’s ILR School.

Michael Kantrowitz, D.O., is a fellow in quality improvement and patient safety at Maimonides Medical Center and is an attending in the department of medicine. He has played a significant role in designing and implementing resident-driven quality improvement initiatives while a member of Committee of Interns and Residents. Dr. Kantrowitz received his B.S. from the College of Human Ecology at Cornell University and his medical degree from the New York College of Osteopathic Medicine.

Farbod Raiszadeh, M.D., Ph.D., is a board-certified cardiologist and research scientist with expertise in population health, epidemiology, and quality of care and outcomes assessment. Dr. Raiszadeh was the national president of the Committee of Interns and Residents and served as a board member of CIR’s Policy and Education Initiative. Currently he is working with PEI on design and implementation of an innovative program for QI support in teaching hospitals. Dr. Raiszadeh earned his Ph.D. at from the College of Human Ecology at Cornell University in genetic epidemiology and his M.D. degree from Tehran University of Medical Sciences.