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Developing Pragmatic Leaders

Our approach and program

The BLG Leadership Academy is a fully integrated, cumulative program that trains individuals in the skills of pragmatic leadership. The program is based on over thirty years of sound academic research and real-world application, bridging the gap between academia and the world of practice.

The final test of leadership is results. A leader needs to execute a strategic vision using political and managerial competence: the ability to mobilize, negotiate, engage, and coach. These skills can be acquired, and are independent of charisma and personality.

The BLG Leadership Academy is comprised of four courses, each addressing a core leadership competency. All courses incorporate instruction, case studies, and exercises relevant to participants’ managerial or supervisory experience.

Who should attend

The BLG Leadership Academy is intended for managers and functional specialists with 5-7 years of supervisory or managerial experience. It is designed for individuals with excellent prospects for leadership within their organizations.

Leading for Change and Execution

Leadership is about execution, not just vision or personality. It involves...

  • Overcoming resistance and moving beyond silos
  • Getting things done and moving agendas
  • Moving from ideas to implementation
  • Being agile in a world of uncertainty
  • Networking and sharing knowledge
  • Engaging and enhancing the capacity of your teams

Overcome Inertia, Sustain Momentum, Move Agendas

BLG Leadership Academy at Cornell's ILR School learning Model

The BLG Academy will provide you with the pragmatic skills to become a better leader.

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