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Tomoyuki Shimanuki

Tomoyuki Shimanuki, ILR Visiting FellowCountry of Origin: Japan
Visiting Period: July-December 2013
Faculty Sponsor: Professor Sarosh Kuruvilla
E-Mail: ts628

Tomoyuki Shimanuki is Associate Professor of Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations at Hitotsubashi University in Tokyo, Japan. He has held visiting fellow positions at UC Berkeley and Harvard University. His current research focuses on nonstandard work (for example, part-time work, temporary work, subcontract work etc.) in Japan and its implications for human resource management and employment policy.

Currently at ILR, Tomoyuki is working on two papers. The first paper is concerned with temporary workers engaging in low-level jobs such as clerical jobs in Japan. In most previous research, these temporary jobs are considered as “bad jobs” with lower wage, fewer training opportunities and less stability than standard (regular) jobs. However, some temporary workers can accrue new skills, raise their wage and improve their employability in labor markets. Based on his in-depth interviews with temporary workers, managers at client firms and employees at temporary help agencies, Tomoyuki describes why and how they can become “good temps” and will continue to work as temps, not becoming standard workers, in Japanese labor markets.

For his second paper, Tomoyuki is working on a project where he explores the change in employment practices, especially the externalization of employment, in Japanese firms. In the last two decades Japanese firms expanded the externalization of employment by increasing the proportion of nonstandard workers and allocating them the same jobs as standard workers in their workplaces. Also, they transferred some nonstandard workers to standard positions. By using survey data on employment practices in Japanese firms, Tomoyuki estimates (a) the determinants of externalization of employment mentioned above, and (b) the impacts of externalization of employment on the effectiveness of internal labor markets in Japanese firms.

Tomoyuki is very open to discuss topics within and related to nonstandard work and employment practices for nonstandard workers. Please feel free to contact him at the e-mail address above.

- Tomoyuki Shimanuki