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Visiting Fellow Profile

Sukanya Sen Gupta

Gupta photoName: Sukanya Sen Gupta
Country of Origin: United Kingdom
Visiting Period: April-September 2014
Faculty Sponsor: Professor Kevin Hallock

Background & Previous Experience:

Professor Sukanya Sen Gupta is a tenured professor at the Royal Holloway School of Management, University of London, United Kingdom. She is currently on the editorial board for Work Employment and Society and was previously a guest editor for Human Relations. She has won several prestigious awards for her research contributions in the field and has published widely in a number of peer-reviewed academic journals in both the U.S. and Europe. 

Professor Sen Gupta's publications have made a significant intellectual contribution in advancing key academic debates on the role of context in shaping the impact of employment relations practices on organizational performance. Much of her work focuses on the areas of employee participation, performance management, employee share ownership schemes and small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

Professor Sen Gupta's research impact extends beyond academic spheres. She regularly facilitates an on-going dialogue between policymakers, practitioners and academics particularly through consultancy and publications. She has also held key management roles at Ernst and Young, advising companies on executive compensation, performance based pay, employee share ownership schemes as well as on the valuation of intellectual capital. Additionally, she worked as a financial analyst for Powergen PLC and was involved in advising and evaluating the economic viability of potential investments in the power sector as well as negotiating with the Ministry of Power on power purchase agreements.

Current Research at ILR: 

While at ILR, Professor Sen Gupta will pursue her academic interests in compensation at the Institute for Compensation Studies. She intends to explore opportunities for building collaborative research links with eminent scholars to inform her research on performance related pay, share ownership as well as comparative employment practices in SMEs in the creative and media sector. These networks will lay the foundation for building stronger and longer term collaborative research which will inform theory and practice on an international platform.

- Sukanya Sen Gupta