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Stefan Stuth

SSStefan Stuth
Country of Origin: Germany
Visiting Period: January to April 2012
Faculty Sponsor: Prof. Rosemary Batt

 Stefan Stuth is a researcher at the Social Science Research Center Berlin (WZB) in Germany. He works in a project about non-standard employment and its consequences for social inequality in Europe. In this context he uses large scale data-sets such as the European Labor Force Survey, which allows him to analyze the change in non-standard employment for different sub-populations in the European countries. He is also a PhD Student at the Humboldt University of Berlin. His thesis is about the influence of changing occupational characteristics on the individual risk, of holding a temporary employment contract.

Currently at ILR, Stuth is working on the theoretical chapter of his dissertation thesis. This chapter is concerned with the different dimensions of occupations and how they could increase or decrease the risk of holding temporary employment contracts. There are well established occupational dimensions like social closure or the occupational sex segregation. But there are also dimensions, which are seldom addressed, such as the rise and decline of occupations. Since no research exists on the association between occupations and temporary employment, well established as well as rarely recognized occupational dimensions have to be adapted, to address the problem of temporary employment.

Stuth is very open to discussing problems and topics within and related to labor markets, occupations and non-standard employment and also to discuss possibilities of using the German or European data that he is in possession of. Please feel free to contact him at the above e-mail address.

- Stefan Stuth