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Patrice Laroche

Laroche3Country of Origin: France
Visiting Period: Feb 1 to March 25, 2011
Faculty Sponsor: Rosemary Batt

Patrice Laroche is a Professor of Human Resource Management at Nancy-University where he teaches courses in international human resources management, and employment and labor relations. He earned a Ph.D in Human Resource Management from Nancy University and an accreditation to supervise research (Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches) from University Paris 1 Sorbonne. He is currently the Director of the CEREFIGE (Centre Européen de Recherche en Economie Financière et Gestion des Entreprises). He has been a visiting scholar at IRLE at UC Berkeley and at CEP at London School of Economics.

His research activity is mainly devoted to the study of industrial and labor relations with particular emphasis on the analysis of the impact of unions on firm performance. He is particularly interested in understanding how a number of factors such as the nature of the union, the industrial relations climate, the level and intensity of the union involvement, and managerial activities influence the relationship between unions and firm performance. During his stay at ILR School, Professor Laroche is working on a research project on the nature of interactions among organizational commitment, career commitment, and union commitment. Using survey data collected from unionized employees in France, this study is expected to exemplify the complexity of the multiple commitments at work.

While at Cornell, Professor Laroche is also planning to write an essay on the effects of unions and HR practices on firm performance in France. He will also finalize another research project on social networking in French HR academia (through PhD committees).

Recent publications (in English):
“Evolution or Revolution? The Impact of Unions on Workplace Performance in Britain and France”,(with A. Bryson and J. Forth), European Journal of Industrial Relations, forthcoming 2011.
“Unions and Profits: A Meta-Regression Analysis” (with C. Doucouliagos), Industrial Relations (Berkeley), vol. 48, n°9 (January), 2009.

- Patrice Laroche